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May 12, 2020

Average Cost For House Cleaning Service

Do you want to have your house or business premises cleaned once and are you curious about what it will cost to engage a professional for this? Someone who can do a good job, so that your home or building looks great again?

Cleaning company for one-time cleaning: these are the costs

Do you want to clean your home or office thoroughly? Then you can hire a cleaning company for that. A cleaning company knows exactly how to quickly spic and span your home or business premises. Cleaning is a job that you could do yourself, but if you prefer to spend your free time on your family or hobbies, a cleaner can help. When it comes to cleaning a commercial property, it is not surprising if you prefer to focus on the core tasks of your company and leave the cleaning of the office to a specialist.

You can opt for a one-time cleaning, to have your home or office cleaned thoroughly and professionally. After that you can keep track of it yourself. It is also possible to make arrangements with the cleaning company that they periodically visit you to clean. Whatever your wishes are, you can quickly and easily get in touch with professional cleaning companies via Skilled Tradies. Place a job and the first contact is easily made.

Average Cleaning Company Costs

Number of times a week Average cost per hour
One-time cleaning $ 16 to $ 30
1 $ 25 to $ 30
2 $ 20 to $ 25
3 $ 18 to $ 20
4 $ 16 to $ 18

These are average indicative prices that our cleaning companies charge for the one-time cleaning of a house or business premises. These prices may differ from the prices in the cleaning company’s quotation. The total costs differ per job and it is therefore good to learn about the various options and costs before you place a job. This way you avoid surprises and you quickly find the right professional.

How do you determine the costs for home or office cleaning?

The costs that a cleaning company charges depend on a number of factors:

  • Kind of space
  • Size of the project
  • Amount of sanitary facilities present
  • One-off or periodic cleaning

Kind of space

For the final price you pay, it makes a difference whether you have a house or an office cleaned. The different rooms have different characteristics and there is a good chance that you also have other wishes when cleaning a house and a commercial building. We explain the main differences:

  • One-time cleaning house
    Your house has different types of spaces. For example, the living room, kitchen, bathroom and toilet often need different cleaning techniques and resources. If you go for a one-off thorough cleaning, you can imagine that the cleaning company will spend a lot of time on that. The hourly rate does not change the more complex the job, but the cleaning takes longer.

If you opt for a one-off cleaning, there is a good chance that you want to tackle it immediately properly and thoroughly. In the event of a major cleaning, you determine in consultation with the cleaning company which jobs it carries out for you. For example, do you want to have the kitchen cabinets cleaned inside and out? Or do you want them to clean the tiles in your bathroom extra well? A lot is possible with a professional cleaning company.

It is best to make clear agreements in advance about what exactly you want to have cleaned at home. It is also useful to agree in advance how tidy the house should be. For example, it can save on costs if you empty the kitchen cabinets yourself. Then they can start cleaning immediately. Make good agreements so that you are not faced with surprises.

  • Office cleaning
    Have you just bought a new office building and do you want to use the office clean and fresh? Or do you like to have the office cleaned once a year? A professional cleaning company can take care of this for you.

An office building is usually fairly straightforward. You probably want the vacuum cleaner to go through, all the furniture soapy and the toilets clean. And maybe the windows should also be washed. The number of jobs is often easy to oversee and the space is often large and clear. Of course, the surface of the office plays a role in how long the cleaner is busy, but as a rule cleaning an office often takes less time than a house.

Make clear agreements in advance with the cleaning company which things you want to have cleaned, so you will not be faced with surprises afterwards. If you want to use the cleaning company more often after the one-off major cleaning, you can often make a tailor-made price agreement.

Size of project and surface of house or office

Each building is unique and everyone has different wishes about what to include in the cleaning. That is why we recommend that you discuss the cleaning well in advance, whether it is a private or business job. Walk around the house or business premises together, indicate what you expect and which places may need extra attention. It needs no explanation that when the size of the project is larger, you also have to pay more hours. It may be that the price per square meter goes down when there is more to clean. Inquire about this with the cleaning company you want to hire.

Amount of sanitary facilities present

The amount of available sanitary facilities can also influence the total price or price per square meter that you pay. Sanitary cleaning is more labor intensive than other areas, which means cleaning companies often charge extra costs for this. Make sure you inform the cleaning company you want to hire about all the rooms to be cleaned, so that you do not incur additional costs.

One-off or periodic cleaning

Are you considering using a cleaning company for a one-time cleaning of your home or office? Then it is smart to also look at the rates they charge for periodic cleaning. Have they done a good job and are you considering using the company more often? Then you already know what to expect in terms of costs.

Keep in mind that the price per hour or square meter for a one-time cleaning is often higher than if you have the cleaner come back periodically. Not only is a one-off cleaning often more intensive and therefore more expensive, if you conclude a contract for a longer period of time, you can often agree on a favorable price per square meter. Do you have special wishes and do you want to outsource other activities at the cleaning company in addition to standard cleaning activities? Also take extra costs into account.

Cleaning the exterior of your home or office

Cleaning companies are usually hired for cleaning the interior. If you go for a one-time cleaning, it may also be useful if you also have the outside of the office building or your home taken with you immediately. You often outsource cleaning the facade or washing the windows to another professional. These are specialist jobs for which the company you hire for indoor cleaning often does not have the right materials. For example, a window cleaner often needs a cherry picker when it comes to windows on the first floor or higher. And cleaning the facade requires special techniques, so as not to damage the facade. Are you curious about the costs you can think of for professionally cleaning your windows or facade? Please visit our pricing pages for these services:

Find a professional at SkilledTradies

When you are going to clean a house or business premises, it is advisable to get a professional for this. Cleaning a building properly is a job that can sometimes be missed due to lack of time. It is also good to imagine that as an entrepreneur you do not want to worry about the cleaning of your office building. Moreover, with a professional with years of experience you are assured of a perfect and efficient cleaning, so that your home or business premises gives a fresh and well-kept impression and can move forward again.

Via SkilledTradies you can quickly and easily come into contact with a professional cleaning company that will gladly take care of the cleaning of your home or office. When placing the job, be as complete as possible in describing the assignment. What should the company clean? Is it a one-off or periodic cleaning and do you have any special wishes that are useful for the cleaner to know? The more complete you are in the application, the greater the chance that only companies will respond that can meet your wishes. You can read more about the company and reviews of others on the professional’s profile page. This way you know in advance what the experiences of other customers are and you can get a good idea of ​​the quality of the work of the cleaner. That helps you make a choice.

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