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May 13, 2020

Average Cost Of Bathroom Renovations

Are you looking for a good bathroom specialist who can renovate or renovate your bathroom? You can easily find a professional at Skilled Tradies. Read more about the costs of the renovation in this price guide.

What does a bathroom renovation cost:

In the table below you will find the average costs for a bathroom renovation including material and install prices:

Type of bathroom renovation Average costs
Full bathroom $ 7,000 – $ 17,000
Bathtub $ 850 – $ 2,800
Whirlpool or spa bath $ 2,700 – $ 6,700
Shower $ 600 – $ 1,900
Steam or spa shower cubicle $ 1,600 – $ 4,300
Toilet $ 450 – $ 900
Washbasin $ 400 – $ 800
Crane $ 150 – $ 450
Floor $ 800 – $ 1,800
Underfloor heating $ 755 – $ 1,155

These are average indicative prices that our installers charge for a bathroom renovation. These may differ from the prices in the installer’s offer.

Renovating your bathroom: how do you determine the costs?

What The cost of remodeling depends on a number of factors, such as the choice of material and style and the size of your bathroom. For example, you pay for a bathroom with a luxurious finish and a large surface area than for a small bathroom with a simple finish. The price for a simple bathroom is around $ 3,500, while for a luxury bathroom you quickly end up with around $ 10,000. Do you choose a spa bath or a steam cabin for a special wellness bathroom? Then the costs can even rise, all depending on your own specific wishes.

Basic bathroom renovations

Is your budget limited? Then choose a basic bathroom renovation. In this case it is best to choose standard bathroom tap ware and there is a simple bathroom with a toilet, a shower and a stylish bathroom cabinet with a single sink. You keep the original layout of the bathroom, but a new floor is laid with ceramic tiles and the walls are built from a combination of tiles and stucco. In this case, renovating a bathroom costs an average of $ 3,500.

Average bathroom renovation

In an average bathroom renovation, we assume that the water and electricity lines must be moved to make a new layout in the bathroom. In addition, a completely new floor with natural stone tiles will be placed in the bathroom and the walls will for the most part be covered with ceramic tiles. The remaining part is plastered. In this case you can choose bathroom tapware with an average quality and you have a bath. In this case, renovating a bathroom costs about $ 7,500.

convert bathroom into luxury wellness bathroom

With a luxury bathroom, a completely new layout is created and the water and electricity lines must be moved. In addition to the floor, the walls are also provided with beautiful, natural stone tiles. In this case, you can opt for tap ware that is made of high-quality material and you not only have a spacious shower, but there is also a bath and bathroom cabinet with two sinks. A luxury bathroom renovation costs an average of $ 10,000. Do you want to expand the bathroom with extras such as underfloor heating or wellness facilities such as a steam cabin or a spa bath? Then keep in mind that the costs can amount to $ 20,000.

Average cost for a bathroom remodel

The price of a bathroom renovation is on average between $ 3,500 – $ 10,000. The price depends on a number of factors, such as the surface of your bathroom and the choice of materials. For example, a bathroom with a standard size is cheaper than a large bathroom. And a natural stone tile is more expensive than a regular tile. A quotation for a bathroom renovation is usually made up of labor costs, material costs and disposal costs. These are the costs of disposing of the old bathroom furniture or the rubble of the demolition work.

Renovate bathroom via Skilled Tradies

Do you want to be sure of a beautiful and sustainable result? Then outsource your bathroom renovation to a professional. Renovating a bathroom is a difficult job that not only takes a lot of time, but can also cause a lot of stress. Some things can go wrong during the renovation. Do you want to know what the renovation will cost specifically for your bathroom? Then place a job via SkilledTradies and receive responses from various bathroom specialists. If you want to get a good idea of ​​the work that the craftsmen do, read the reviews of these specialists. This way you can make an informed choice with which specialists you want to get in touch.

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