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April 24, 2020

Cost Of Laying Laminate Flooring

Are you going to install a new laminate floor? And are you curious about what it will cost you to have laminate laid by a professional professional? Find someone who can deliver good work through Skilled Tradies.

What Does It Cost To Install Laninate Flooring

If you’re handy, you can lay the laminate yourself. It’s important that you take into account the expansion of the material to prevent your laminate from being too tight against the walls. You then run the risk that your laminate will bulge and that your laminate will wear out faster. Laying the laminate also often takes quite some time. When laying the laminate, you have to look closely at the pattern and cut the floor to the correct points. Don’t feel like doing this job yourself? Then outsource the laying of laminate to a Skilled Tradie professional.

Average costs for having laminate installed

Laying laminate Average price per m²
Laying laminate $ 10
Laying the subfloor and laminate $ 2
Lay the subfloor, laminate and adhesive skirting boards $ 12
Lay the subfloor, laminate and skirting boards $ 12
Lay the subfloor, laminate and high MDF skirting boards $ 14
Lay the laminate diagonally $ 15

These are average indicative prices that floor specialists charge for laying a laminate floor. The final price you pay depend on the condition of the surface, the color and the exact number of square meters.

How do you determine the costs for laying laminate?

The price for laying laminate is between $ 8 and $ 13. The price depends on a number of factors such as the type of laminate, the surface, the subfloor, the finish of the floor and the laying method.

Lay type of laminate

Laminate is available in various shapes and sizes. For example, you have laminate that resembles wooden parquet, but the laminate can also have a specific color. With laminate you also have the choice of a floor with or without a V-groove. Laying laminate with a V-groove means that you can clearly see that the floor consists of loose boards, separated by a visible seam.

There is also a quality difference between the different laminate types. On a package of laminate you often find a number that indicates how suitable the laminate is for intensive use. As a rule, the higher the number, the more intensively you can use the laminate. You will also find the AC value on the packaging. This value tells you how durable the top layer is.

You can imagine that you pay much more for laminate that hardly wears out. The quality of the material also has an effect on the laying of the laminate. A professional must work much more cautiously with a thin top layer, which is why he takes longer to lay the floor. You notice this in the costs.

installing laminate flooring

Laying laminate with or without a pattern

Most types of laminate have no pattern, but you can always choose a laminate with pattern. Think for example of a tile pattern or oriental design. When laying this laminate it is important that the pattern fits together seamlessly. If this is not done properly, you will get a messy and restless floor. Laying laminate with a pattern is much more labor intensive and therefore costs more.

Laying way of laminate

As a rule, you lay laminate in length or width, but you can of course also choose to have the laminate laid diagonally. This way of laying gives a spatial effect to your home or room, but results in a higher price tag. This laying method takes more time for the floorlayer.

Finishing the floor

It is a frequently heard statement: the baseboards were only when I moved again. If you want to prevent this, you can ask the professional to finish the floor neatly immediately. In this case, you pay more than the amount you pay for laying the laminate. When laying laminate you have several options.

  • Laying laminate

Do you only want to install the laminate yourself ? Then this is of course the cheapest method. You must then ensure that there is already an underlay in your home or room. If the subfloor is still in good condition, the professional can simply lay the laminate over it. If it is missing or in poor condition, you must also install or replace the subfloor.

  • Laying the

subfloor and laminate Is your subfloor not yet in your house or is your house ready for a new subfloor? You can have this laid in combination with the laminate. Do you want to save? Then you can also choose to install the subfloor yourself and only leave the laying of the floor to a professional.

  • Laying subfloor, laminate and adhesive

skirting boards Your floor is of course not finished without skirting boards. The most economical way is to use traditional adhesive skirting boards. You can choose to install it yourself, but a professional has more experience with this. This way you can be sure that your skirting boards do not just come off.

  • Laying the subfloor, laminate and skirting boards

Do you have a lot of cables running across your floor, for example for your television and different lamps? Then it is often better to hide the cables. You can combine this job with laying the laminate. In this case, the professional installs skirting boards and immediately conceals your cables. This way you have a nice end result.

Laying underlay, laminate and high MDF skirting boards If

you are looking for a luxurious end result, you can consider installing high MDF skirting boards. These baseboards are upright against the wall. In addition to a nice end result, you also protect your walls against damage, for example as a result of vacuuming your floor.

Remove old floor?

For the best result, first remove the old floor. The additional cost you pay for this depends on the type of floor. For example, a professional is often quickly finished removing laminate . He charges an additional cost of $ 1 to $ 5 per m² for this. This does not include the costs you pay for the removal of the laminate. In many municipalities you can dispose of the laminate for free as a private individual. A professional pays an amount for this and passes this on to you.

It is also possible that you switch from a different type of floor to a laminate floor. For example, you can ask the professional to have the old carpet or your sand cement screed removed. Are you curious about the price tag attached to this? Discover the possibilities on the special page .

How do you choose a good underlay?

In general, you spend a lot of time buying laminate to make sure that you choose the right floor for your home. In general, people spend much less time thinking about purchasing the subfloor. While choosing a good underlay has a direct effect on the life of your laminate. In addition, a good underlay can simplify the laying of the laminate floor.

  • Laying laminate with a moisture-resistant underlay

An important check when selecting the underlay is checking whether the underlay is moisture-resistant. This is certainly a must on the ground floor with a concrete floor. This prevents moisture from pulling into the laminate floor.

  • Subfloor to level the floor

Is the surface of your home not nicely smooth? Then you can consider purchasing an underlay that eliminates the unevenness. Incidentally, with a very uneven floor, the professional must first level the surface, otherwise the laminate is not tight in the house.

  • Underlay for insulation

An underlay with insulation retains heat longer, which has a positive effect on your energy costs. Do you have underfloor heating? Then you choose a special type of underlay. This prevents your floor from allowing the heat from the underfloor heating to pass through. Do you install laminate on the top floor or do you live in an apartment complex with neighbors below? Then a subfloor with sound insulation is recommended to prevent your neighbors from being bothered by the fact that you are walking on the laminate.

Have a laminate floor installed via Skilled Tradies?

Do you want to be sure of a beautiful and sustainable result? Then outsource the installation of laminate to a professional floor layer. This ensures you of a floor that you can enjoy for years to come and you save yourself a lot of stress. Laying laminate is not an easy job. Via Skilled Tradies you will find floor specialists with years of experience who know what they are doing. This way you can be sure that you will get a professional at home and you are assured of a perfect finish of your new floor.

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