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July 31, 2019

New Tiles In The Kitchen? What Should It Cost

Kitchen Tiles

Are you considering installing new tiles in your kitchen? Whether it’s floor tiles or the kitchen tile wall: you’ll find the average price here.

Type of tiles Average price
Kitchen tiles back wall $250 to $400
Tiles kitchen: floor $250 to $600

The table above gives an indication of the price that a professional charges. This does not include the material costs. So here you have to add the price of the tiles yourself. Do you want to get in touch with tilers? Search floor and wall tilers here .

In your kitchen you want nice straight tiling. Do you have no experience with tiling or do you just find it easier to outsource this job? Then choose a professional. The tiler places the tiles well, accurately and quickly. So you can get back to work in the kitchen in no time.

For determining the price, the tiler takes the following into account:

  • Duration of the job / number of square meters
  • Type of tiles
  • Glue & tile joints

Kitchen Tile Wall: Average Price

Are you going to ask a professional tiler to place tiles on the back wall of your kitchen? Then you probably want a clear price proposal. You can also influence this yourself by providing the correct information. For a good insight into the price, you can use the following checklist. This way you prevent that you will be confronted with surprises afterwards.

Type of tiles Average price
Kitchen tiles back wall (excl. Material) $250 to $400

Wall tiling

1. Determine the size of the rear wall / splashback

The amount of square meters is important for the price for almost every job. This is often a little different when placing kitchen tiles. On average, the back wall of a kitchen is between three and six square meters.A skilled tiler can tile almost any rear wall in one day. That’s why professionals often choose to charge a daily price. So you don’t pay per square meter.

Do you want to provide a larger surface with tiles, for example because you have a work surface on both sides? Then it may be that the craftsman has to come back the next day. You often see this reflected in the price.

Kitchen tiles back: tip for a clear price
Not every professional charges a daily price, in some cases they charge a fixed price per square meter. When selecting the tiler, always ask how he calculates his price. Do you have to pay per square meter? Then provide the correct size to the professional in advance. Then you know exactly where you stand.

2. Choose the type of tiles for the kitchen

Your total investment for placing tiles depends largely on the type of tiles you choose. The ceramic tile is often a favorite. You will find this tile in different price ranges. Do you like mosaic? Report this to the tile professional. He has been placing mosaic for longer. You also have more cutting wastage with that type of tiles. You will therefore immediately see this choice reflected in the price.

Tip for the right amount of tiles
Consult the tiler before buying the tiles. He can give you excellent advice about the amount of tiles you need to purchase. He can easily calculate how much cutting waste you have to take into account. This way you prevent him from starting the job with too many or too few tiles.

3. Determine what surface you have

A skilled tiler can place the tiles on different surfaces. Do you already have tiles on the wall and do you want him to fix the new tiles on it? Is it a normal gyprock wall? or is the wall made of wood? A tiler can get started in all cases. The substrate is important in determining the price.

A stucco / solid plaster or gyprock wall is often the cheapest option. The tiler can direct stick the tiles (filling the space between the tiles). This is not possible with a wooden or tile sublayer. Then the tiler’s work must first dry for at least 24 hours. This means that he has to come back the next day. Certainly when the professional has to come from far, he charges costs for this.

Tip for the right planning
Do not only discuss your wishes with the tiler. Also clearly state on which surface he should attach the tiles. This is not only important for the price, but also for the planning. If the tiler knows in advance what to expect, he can plan the job as well as possible. This way you prevent a lot of time between placing and joining the tiles.

Kitchen Tiles: Laying Floor Tiles

In the kitchen you can have tiles placed on your wall, but you can also have tiles laid on the floor. Just like when placing tiles on the wall, the tiler takes a number of things into account. For example, he determines his price based on the surface, the type of tiles and the distance to the job associated with the joints. Below you will find the topics that you can discuss with your professional. You know for sure that you will receive a realistic price proposal.

Tile type Average price
Kitchen Tiles: floor $250 to $600

kitchen tile variations

Number of square meters

A tiler usually charges a daily price for an average kitchen. You often know exactly what to expect in terms of price. No matter how big your kitchen is. Always discuss this well with the professional. Some craftsmen choose to pay per square meter. In that case the following applies: the larger the kitchen, the more money you have to pay. Does your professional tiler charge a price per square meter? Then you can estimate yourself in advance what you have to pay. Accurately measure the floor of your kitchen and pass these measurements on to the tiler. This way you avoid surprises afterwards.

Kitchen Tiles: Which one do you choose for the floor?

You have tiles in all shapes and sizes. And often it is a matter of taste which tiles best suit your kitchen. Chances are that you go for a different tile in a country kitchen than in a modern, sleek kitchen. Of course the price varies per tile. This difference is not only reflected in the material price. The tile choice also determines the price of the tiler.

For professionals, tiles of 40 by 40 centimeters are often the easiest to lay. He can easily lay these tiles around door frames and frames. So you often notice this in the price. In most cases, the skilled tiler can lay the tiles alone. But have you chosen tiles that are larger than 60 by 60 centimeters? Then the tiler takes an extra craftsman to neatly place the tiles in your kitchen. This extra craftsman costs on average between $40 and $50 per hour . It is good to keep this in mind when choosing the floor tiles for the kitchen.

Plan two days for this job

So the tiler can often place the floor tiles in the kitchen in one day. Keep in mind in the planning that this job takes two days. After laying, the floor must first dry for 24 hours before the skilled person can get to work with the joints. You can of course choose to apply the joints yourself. Keep in mind that this is a specialist job and that the cleanliness of the joints determines the appearance of your floor. In short, you call in a professional for neat, good joints.

It’s often wise to ask the tiler to come back the next day. He often charges extra costs for this. This often depends on the distance he has to travel to your home. Have you prepared a questionnaire with questions that you should definitely ask the tiler? Then also discuss the distance to your home and the call-out charges for this.


Wall Tiling Img by Quality Tiling Brisbane

Tile variations credit by Johnson Tiles



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