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Nate23-07-2021 08:04PM
Good experience

This is not my first time entering a business mentoring program, but it is the first one that focuses on builders entirely. This means you can try out and utilize each method that Mick presents, and you don’t have to worry about your money and time being wasted. Like many, I fell into the ‘free quotes’ trap, and couldn’t get out. Among other things, Mick pointed out that I was putting myself down for so long just to attract clients. Wow, this was hard to chew but once I swallowed my pride, the change that came was exactly what I needed. The guy is incredible, just check him out.

Jake25-06-2021 08:18PM
Setting the boundaries

My crew and I are capable and skillful builders, yet we were severely struggling with financial losses. With Mick’s program, we figured out that we didn’t set the right boundaries and set the solid foundations which would protect us from whichever problem on the way. The Blueprint to Blackbelt program helped us understand what was missing in our current business model and more importantly, how to incorporate the proven techniques into it. Mick was very supportive and ready to help whenever we turned to him, and the best part is that we already see the improvements.

Mark26-05-2021 07:17PM
Relearning the basics

Our company is a good example of how misconceptions and stereotypes can negatively affect any business. I simply lost that beginners’ spark and passion, so all that’s left was a huge amount of frustration and debts. My friend told me about their Blueprint to Blackbelt program, and even though I was sceptical in the beginning, after the first lesson, it became apparent that my business-running fundamentals were inadequately set. Thanks to Mick, I managed to re-learn the basics and solve more than 80% of our ongoing issues.