Frequently Asked Questions Skilled Tradies

Tips For Success

1. Resond Fast To Leads is the key secret! The faster you respond to leads the better chance you have of winning the job.

2. An Amazing Business Listing  Research shows an eye-catching profile with photos, business hours and reviews is a winner with potential customers. Keep your business listing information fresh and up to date. Don’t be afraid to add project images that represent your fantastic work or brand. Uploading images to your business lsiting is easy but if you find it difficult message us with your new details and pics and we’ll make the changes for you.

3. Complete Your Business Listing. Business hours, photo's, reviews, map location and a real address are a great way to keep potential customers engaged with your listing.

4. Become a Pro At Customer Service! Be polite, punctual and courteous when communicating with customers, keep all your messages and emails professional. Of course customers want great value and workmanship, but research shows that these small but important factors are are just as important as price and quality.