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About Pest Control Botany

Pest Control Botany is your local pest removal company that runs operations 24/7 to meet your needs regarding keeping pests at bay. We work with a motive to make residential and commercial properties always free from pests. Our technicians have several years of experience in eliminating pests from all sizes and types of properties.

We conduct pest treatment activities by using environmentally-friendly products and methods. Once the pest treatment process is complete, we provide valuable advice to our customers on how to avoid pest infestations in the future. If you suspect that your house or workplace might be invaded by pests, we can conduct a thorough inspection of your property.


  • Latest Equipment, Up-to-Date Methods, and Best Products
  • Transparent Working Methods and Competitive Prices
  • Extermination of Several Types and Species of Pests
  • Selection of the Most Suitable Pest Removal Methods

Get in touch with us at 02 3813 8690to hire our pest inspection, pest treatment, and pest prevention services today!

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