Proflek Coatings Pty Ltd

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Sumner Park, Sumner, Queensland 4074

About Proflek Coatings Pty Ltd

The Future Of Flooring

Proflek Coatings provides a wide range of high performance, hard wearing, long lasting epoxy flooring solutions suitable for industrial, commercial and residential flooring applications.

Our systems are suitable for:

- Protective Coatings- Epoxy Flooring- Flake Flooring- Epoxy Mortar Coving- Epoxy Mortar Ramps- Urethane Coatings- Densifiers / Sealers- Line Marking / Hatching- Concrete Grinding & Repair

Industries Include:- Commercial Kitchens- Restaurants / Bars- Factories- Warehouses- Hangers- Abattoirs- Schools- Amenities- Residential Inside / Out

For over a decade, Proflek Coatings has provided 24 hour, 7 day a week service throughout Queensland that meets Australian Standards (QBCC Licence No: #1162280). Our aim is to provide a quality product at a reasonable price.


Licence : 1162280
ABN: 93116235593

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