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January 22, 2019

6 Bright Ideas For Bathroom Makeovers


Whether you own your own home, or you are improving a fixer-upper that you have recently purchased, you may want to consider doing a bathroom makeover. The bathroom is an area of the home that people spend most of their time, second only to the kitchen in most households. It is important to have this look as pristine as possible, and if it has been many years since you made improvements, you should consider doing so in the near future. If you have the funds to do so, and the desire to improve the way your bathroom looks, here are a few bright ideas for bathroom makeovers that you can use.

Paint The Interior Of The Bathroom

If you do not have a lot of money to spare, but you have the time, you may want to simply paint the interior of the bathroom. Although many people will opt for wallpaper, it is always a good idea to provide it with a paint job. In many cases, semigloss white paint is the proper choice, although you could choose any color that you want. Semigloss will resist moisture more than flat paint, which is why you will want to use this particular kind. It is recommended that you also paint the baseboards a different color, perhaps something dark that actually matches the wood or tiles. This may only take half a day to complete, and it will transform the way that your bathroom looks.

Add New Fixtures

There are several bathroom fixtures that you could change out within your bathroom, some of which will be very inexpensive. This would include replacing the cabinetry, perhaps that which contains all of your towels, or that which holds up your sink. You may also want to change the covers to the lights, the overhead light cover, and you may also replace the towel racks. You will want to choose lighter colors if your goal is to pursue bright ideas for bathroom makeovers.

before and after renovation

Replace The Tiles

Replacing the tiles in your bathroom is something that can be a time-consuming process. You also have the option of having a professional do it for you. What you will want to do is choose between the many different materials that they are made up, and the colors that they will be designed in. For example, you could choose wood floor tiles which would be apropos if the hallway leading to your bathroom is also a wood floor. Most people, however, will go with ceramic or porcelain. These are easy to clean, and if you are trying to achieve more brightness in the bathroom area, these would be a top choice. For those that have limited funds, vinyl tiles can be purchased for less, and you also have many different colors to choose from. In addition to this, linoleum, plastic laminate, and even light colored stone tiles would help improve the way your bathroom looks.

Replace The Shower Tiles

Whether you have a standard shower, or if you have a tub shower combination, you will have tiles that will be on two corners. The other two corners will consist of glass, and a glass door, giving you access. Additionally, you may have shower curtains, which means you may have three walls that will need to have the tiles replaced. It is recommended that you use either ceramic or porcelain tile. You can even choose ceramic tiles that look very much like wood planks. Some are even designed to emulate the appearance of bricks, concrete, or may even have a metallic look. To make your bathroom as bright as possible, porcelain tiles might be your top choice.

Replace Your Stand Alone Tub

In some homes, you will either have a stand alone bathtub, or you may have a shower and bathtub in the same room. If you want to replace your tub, you can choose between those that are standing on the tiles, or you may invest a sizable amount of money to have one that is larger or perhaps even set into the floor. It is recommended that the color of the bathtub be lights in color, however not pure white. This will brighten up your bathroom, helping you achieve your idea of implementing bright ideas for bathroom makeovers.

Improve Your Lights And Light Fixtures

Some of the light fixtures that you may have could be very dull in appearance, sometimes the results of age. You will want to choose those that are either bright white, or perhaps even transparent. If they are bright white, you can choose between those that are smaller, circular, or elongated. If they are transparent, you will want to use soft light bulbs. Either of these decisions, especially if you are using a higher wattage bulb, will brighten up the entire area.

By using these bright ideas for bathroom makeovers, you will see that your bathroom will look better-than-average. Whether you are replacing the floor tiles, shower tiles, light fixtures, or even your bathtub, you will see a definitive change for the better. Likewise, if you are on a budget, painting the interior of your bathroom might be the easiest way to achieve this goal. Whether you do this yourself, or if you decide to hire a professional bathroom remodeling company, you will soon have a bathroom that is so much more welcoming because of these changes that you will make in this highly trafficked area of your home.

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