Buy 150 Australian Local Business Citations For Trademen

What are Citations? What does it do?

We could get really technical about what citations are and what it can do for your business, but let's keep it simple. Skilled Tradies is a local Australian citation source.

That's right a citation is basically a listing like you've seen here on our site. Imagine having your business displayed on 150 other sites like ours.

The other benefit of building citation listing is it can help your business rank higher in Google. Like all things in life not all citations are equal, some are better then others and some can actually hurt your Google rankings.

That's why we offer tailor made solutions for your business. Before we begin building ANY listing citations we'll perform an audit on what you already have and look at the best options for your business. Take advantage of this offer, we will be charging for this audit in the future. You must have a listing on Skilled Tradies to take advantage of this option.

Our standard costs for 150 Australian local business citations are:

  • For Skilled Tradies users $125 +gst
  • For non Skilled Tradies users $325 +gst

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This is a free no obligation audit

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