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January 11, 2019

Summer Outdoor Setting Design Ideas

outdoor patio

Sunshine, warmth, blue skies, bikinis, bbq’s and slices of watermelon. These are just a few of the joys that accompany the season of Summer. And when the weather is ideal, and the outdoors are calling, who wants to be stuck inside? Summer is an excellent time of year to spend outside, and therefore, it makes sense to spruce up your outdoor area(s) and give your space a charming design. So in this article, we will talk about some Summer outdoor setting design ideas that you will be sure to love.

Turn Your Patio Into a Garden

If you don’t have the yard for gardening, you can still enjoy growing beautiful plants and flowers. Turn your patio into a cozy and warm space by using bright and charming pots to house your foliage. Not only will you be able to enjoy using your green thumb, but you can use the space as a lovely area to meditate or take that cup of tea or coffee.

This warm season, embrace nature with these Summer outdoor setting design ideas and give your space some charm. We’re certain that you’ll never want to come inside again.

1. Make Use of Hammocks

The hammock is a great addition to any outdoor space during the season of Summer. It’s especially great if your yard features tall, majestic trees. If your yard is bare, you can still enjoy the rhythmic sway of a hammock on those warm, windy days. Simply install poles in your yard that are thick and sturdy enough to support the hammock as well as the weight of the individual using it. You can also find framed hammocks that stand on their own.

There are many places where you can install a hammock in your outdoor area. Of course, it depends on your individual preferences, but we like the idea of placing a hammock in a calm, quiet area for those afternoons when a nice book or outdoor nap is calling your name. One area that is perfect for a hammock? In the middle of your garden! That way, you can get lost in the beauty of your plants and flowers, as well as the soothing sounds of birds, bees, and, of course, the breeze.

Ready to escape the heat of the sun but still enjoy an afternoon outdoors? Placing a hammock in a shady place is a wonderful way to achieve just that. Tall, billowing trees with shady branches and leaves can leave you with just enough shade to escape the sun, as well as placing your hammock close to your privacy fence if you have one.

Last, but not least, a hammock is a great addition to the side of your backyard pool. Let the hammock replace pool-side loungers for a stylish and comfy way to relax when not enjoying the water.

day bed

2. Hang Daybeds and Swings

Another fabulous way to relax outdoors during the Summer season? Hang daybeds and swings outside your home. If you have a porch or patio, this is an ideal place to do just that, as the swing will be shaded as well as close to a door for easy access. Place a table or other surface beside your swing/daybed so that you can enjoy a book or cup of tea while relaxing.

Swings and daybeds also serve as the perfect addition to a sunroom. For added style and charm, place two swings/daybeds facing each other for those days when you are entertaining guests who can lounge with you and enjoy your space.

3. Embrace Color

This warm season, use this favorite when it comes to Summer outdoor setting design ideas – embrace color! In an area that is covered (to avoid your items being ruined by pesky rainy days) place a cozy table and bare-bones seating. Starting from the ground up gives you the ability to play with any design approach that you like. We recommend a simple metal set that can easily be updated with a tablecloth and pillows of your choice.

Under where your table will go, place a rug that still fits underneath your covered area. If you wish to place the table and seating set further out in your yard, use a set that features an umbrella. Choose a bright, beautiful design for your rug. Then, set up your arrangement and place a tablecloth on your surface that works with the colors in your rug. A pillow for each chair is a great way to ensure that guests will be comfortable when they sit down.

We recommend mixing and matching prints to really spruce up your seating area and give the whole setting a bohemian feel. Just be sure that the colors used match, and are complementary to each other.


4. Let There Be Light

One of our favorite ideas when it comes to the great outdoors during the Summer season is lighting. If you want to enjoy your yard in the evening or host a romantic get-together, soft, hanging lights are an excellent addition to your space. You can find hanging lights in any home improvement store and you can browse plenty of design options that will work for your taste and budget.

Hanging lights look lovely when installed above a seating area, which is an excellent choice for parties and gatherings. They are also charming when woven amongst the branches of small trees that are close to where you will entertain your guests.

If you have a pool, why not install tiki lamps around the border of where you and guests will swim? This can allow you to jump in and splash around during the darker hours when the sun is not so harsh.

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