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We are garden maintenance and landscaping professionals who offer design and construction services to residential and commercial properties all over North Sydney.


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Sylvie01-04-2021 08:28PM
Sandstone pathway

My longtime wish was to install a sandstone pathway in the yard of my Turramurra residence. Since I already have good experience hiring this landscaping service, I've decided to work with them again. I’ve booked an appointment and they came shortly after to inspect the space and provide me with potential solutions. Once we agreed about that, they started working. They used top-quality stone and it all turned out as I wanted. Thanks to the flawless job they did, they earned me as a regular client.

Jessica31-12-2020 11:39PM
Help for a new mom

Since I had a baby, my garden has never been messier. I constantly feel bad about it, so looking for help was the best thing to do. The gardener from this company does garden maintenance for my mum and I contacted them for the assistance. The thing that gave me so much joy is that they managed to save almost all my plants and revive them completely. They also installed 2 more sprinklers and cleaned our fountain to perfection. They remain my choice for the garden maintenance and I am very satisfied so far.

Theresa30-11-2020 08:49PM
Restaurant garden

We own a family restaurant and all of us are occupied pretty much all day long. Our outdoor sitting area is designed and made to be a peaceful and green piece of heaven in the city centre, so it needs to be maintained perfectly and professionally. That is why we hired the best to complete the task. From the beginning of our collaboration, everything went smooth and easy with this company. They did all the woodworks, pavements and the recent fountain construction in the middle of the area. We are just so thankful to have these guys by our side.

Jonathan31-08-2020 06:39PM
Great partners

My brother and I were the main investors for the new residential complex, and we needed experienced landscaping contractors to take care of the outdoor area. There are three buildings, and our idea was to create a “green zone” between them, where children can play, and all the residents can enjoy their free time. This company created excellent solutions, explained to us how everything would look before they started working, and even designed nice walkways to make the entire area more appealing.

Anita26-06-2020 08:32PM
Big help

My mother used to take care of all the hedges and trees in our backyard. Unfortunately, she has injured her hand and we needed to find someone with adequate knowledge and practice to take care of all the greenery around our house. These guys were very professional and provided even better service than we expected. We love how they shaped a big hedge on the central point of our yard, so now we plan to add some cool lighting around it.

JenniferJ24-02-2020 08:59PM
New fence and flowers

My neighbour has two dogs, and don’t get me wrong - I love animals, but they ruined all the flowers I had in my backyard. I tried to fix the broken part of the fence by myself, but they somehow always find the way to break in. I contacted this company, and they planted new flowers and fixed the fence during the last weekend. I finally can relax without worrying that the dogs will jump over thanks to these guys. Five stars from me.

Cindy29-01-2020 07:26PM
Beautiful garden

My boyfriend and I live in a house with a huge yard and a pool. Since we enjoy organizing pool parties and hanging out there with our friends, we decided to give our yard a fresh, new look. We started making plans, but we realized that we don’t have all the equipment we need, plus we had no idea which plants and trees we should choose. Luckily, we hired this company, and they did a fantastic job. We strongly recommend these landscapers and their hardworking team.