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Virtual estimating service for small and medium plumbing contractors all over Australia and New Zealand.


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Linda31-08-2020 08:47PM
New plumbing in a new house

We bought a new house and had big problems with drainage. After a couple of months trying to fix it, we decided to invest in a new system, and we wanted to know how much it would cost. My husband contacted several plumbers but they said they can provide that information within two weeks, and we didn’t have that much time. This company provided a detailed estimation very quickly, so we had information about the cost and material needed for a new drainage system. Their rates are affordable, and now we just have to forward the plan they created to our plumber.

Jonathan31-07-2020 10:56PM
Groundplan pro

Although Groundplan seemed like a large program, hard to understand, it turned out that with professional lecturers that this company provided, I was able to learn how to use it without a hassle. I wanted to expand the list of services I provide, so I started their training program, and this was one of the best decisions I could make. My clients know how much the entire project will cost, and I know how much material I have to order, which is great. One more plus is that I can do everything online, so I now bring tablets on-site, and have all information I need available with a single click.

Logan01-07-2020 12:46AM
Excellent training

My task was to find a Groundplan software training course for our team, and I have heard about this company from a friend. I sent them an email to learn more about their packages and prices, and I was surprised how affordable their prices are. This was one of the best decisions I made because my employees are now working much faster and we all have peace of mind knowing that this digital innovation will also keep us safe from major mistakes that can affect the entire project.

Jonathan13-03-2020 07:59PM

We have been using the plumbing estimating services this company provides for a while. The main reason why we decided to contact them is that they were able to provide all the information we needed quickly and we didn’t even have to visit their office. We had all measurements and plans within a day in digital form, and that was great. After that, we contacted them for more projects and they significantly improved our services and allowed us to finish the projects of different sizes much faster.