Frequently Asked Questions Skilled Tradies

How do i create a listing?

Now, it's time to create your Listing. (You must be a tradie)

a.  Login to your user account, click on My Account (top right)
b. Click on ''Submit Listing''
c. Select Listing type by clicking on Free or Featured, Click Submit.
d. On the ''Primary Classification'' box, click on the down arrow at the right of the box and select the category you wish your ad to be placed under.
e. Select the ''Title'' for your business. The program will auto-fill the''friendly URL box.'' Do not change this auto-fill.
f. Add as many
subcategories that your company profile services
g. Briefy describe your business in the ''short description'' box and add even more information in the larger box.
h. Fill out the rest of the information about your business as completely as possible, then click on ''Submit'' at the bottom of the page.
i. Congratulations! You're finished entering your business listing.