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About Us

Building your new home can be a time of worry and frustration. You will need a team of experts listening to you and comprehending exactly what you wish. You need reassurance that everything is tracking, as it should. You need acknowledgement of your time constraints and a clear approach for when you must be involved and when you can simply sit back and relax because it is all in hand. You want the property journey to create beautiful memories that you can bring into your new home.

Working with the team at New Realm Homes can make this all come true.

Our Vision
To take you on a great and fulfilling journey that delivers your own personal custom built classically designed vintage home and lifestyle, without hassle or concern.

Why Choose Us
Your home is all about you. It shows your likes and wants. It reflects your style and lifestyle. It reflects your vision for your future.
A custom built home allows your vision to grow so you can design exactly what you want and, be assured of getting it.

A classically styled vintage home has the feel, look, lifestyle, joie de vivre and unique elegance seen in places like Long Island and Martha's Vineyard, USA; Brighton and Bath, UK. New Realm Homes are renowned vintage specialists that offer this and so much more to your custom home build, making fond memories for a lifetime.


For several years now, New Realm Homes has been supporting people just like you, to create your new homes. We have observed as the building industry did not understand that while your house is important, it needs to come with memories of a happy build experience that will enrich your future life in your new home.

The New Realm Homes Empire System is the system of processes and procedures we created to avoid the horror stories you’ve heard about. Poor communication, failure to listen to your needs, time wasting and terrible project management have been eliminated, making the journey to your new home a satisfying one.

Building a home is the single largest financial and emotional decision you will probably make. So having the right people to assist and guide you, is important for you to experience the journey and home you deserve.

With so many home builders in the market nowadays, it is a challenge to find the one who’s the ideal fit for you. You want the reassurance you will have a quality new home and a build experience that delivers precious and positive memories for a lifetime.

You have a strong goal for your future home and lifestyle but you are very busy and need expert advice you can trust without wasting precious time. You need a builder who works with a process system for obtaining and sharing information and you don’t want any unpleasant surprises. You want your builder to be more than a contractor – you want them to be your reliable partner in what is an important life experience for you and your family.

New Realm Homes can provide you with the complete package from design to construction. We would love to talk to you to see how we can make your dreams come true.


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