Powerdrive Roofing

50 Dellamarta Rd, Perth CBD, Western Australia 6065

About Powerdrive Roofing

“After having to replace hundreds of roofs due to Chemical Delignification I decided to make it my mission develop a better more affordable option for people, After years of trying and Powerdrive Roofing finally came up with a treatment for Chemical Delignification which we have patent protected, don’t be fooled by others who offer a treatment which is literally spraying linseed oil because that’s what they have read on Google. Our treatment is tried, tested, and comes backed by a full 10-year warranty. At Powerdrive Roofing it is would be easy to replace the roof, but we want to give you options that suit every budget.”

We have extended our services to now provide not only Roof Repairs and Roof Restoration we also do full Roof Replacement and Chemical Delignification Treatment, on top of that we have expanded our services to include Roof Carpentry and Structural Defect Repairs.

Because our services have seen us working more and more with building inspectors, we have a building inspector on hand or can happily organise an independent inspector to go over our work.

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