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47 McMurray Cres, Hoppers crossing, Victoria 3029

About Pure Eco Homes

  • When it comes to choosing a stylish yet eco-friendly housing plan, who won’t take it? We are the leading eco home builder in Melbourne, who offers energy efficient home plans, besides providing you the opportunity to live with a fewer land acquisition. For example, reverse living plans are not only one of the modern home development ideas, but also allow you to swap the location between the bedroom and living room. We also provide services to make allergy free homes in Melbourne, and you’re just a call away to reach them!

    Why choose us: Both the allergen-free and environment-friendly home is expected by people looking for modern age living. So, we come up as an energy efficient home builder in Melbourne to address your housing plans for the comfortable and sustainable living. At Pure Eco Homes, we have completed 20 years of research to improve the quality of indoor health besides making a home energy efficient. So, the services you get from us are-

    Cutting age home plans
    Energy efficient construction and testing
    Sanitisation to achieve the healthy homes
    Services we offer:

    While going by the modern living plans and promoting the idea of healthy living, we offer-

    1. Reverse living plans

    Londoner 37 reverse living
    Melbourne 40 reverse living

  • 2. Energy efficient home

  • Energy efficient Eco sustainable
    Energy efficiency and blower door test
    Insulliving owner builder


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