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December 5, 2023

Costs Of Building New Home 2024

A newly built house is wonderful. You can completely decide what you want where and how. The costs for a new-build house can of course vary enormously based on your wishes and requirements.

Cost Of Building A New Home

It is a dream of many, to have your own house built. The opportunity to design the entire house and build the house as you want appeals to many people. Do you have an eye on a beautiful piece of land or a ruin that you want to have broken down to build a new house? Then you’re curious about the costs you will have to deal with and how you can best tackle such a huge job.

Building a house requires serious craftsmanship, because it requires knowledge and expertise on several fronts. It already starts with the design. You probably know what you want, but do those wishes automatically lead to a good design of a sustainable, solid home? And do you know how to process your wishes into a construction drawing? If the answer is ‘no’, it is smart to involve an architect. Once the design has been made, it is best to leave the construction of the new-build house to an experienced contractor. He knows exactly which professional he can use for which job, keeps an overview of such a large project and knows what the pitfalls are.

Are you going to realize your dream to build a house? Then use reliable and experienced professionals, so that your dream does not end in a nightmare. Through Skilled Tradies you come into contact with architects, builders and tradies who can help you realize the dream of building your own home. Place your job and the first contact is made in no time.

Building house costs

Kind of job Average costs
New House Plans from $ 750, –
Hourly contractor rate $ 40 to $ 95
New construction house up to 100 m2 $ 1460 per m²
New construction house up to 150 m2 $ 1380 per m²
New construction house up to 200 m2 $ 1350 per m²

Giving a price indication of building a new-build house is not easy. It very much depends on your wishes and the way you approach this project. In this table we have assumed a shell house. The load-bearing construction of the house and the exterior finish are included, the professionals still have to build the complete interior. The above costs are also exclusive of costs for the land.

What’s involved in building a house?

Building a house is a huge project that involves a lot. Before the project really starts, you have to take a number of steps:

  • Arrange financing for the land and building the house.
  • Finding and purchasing land.
  • Arrange a permit. In the vast majority of cases you need an environmental permit to build a house. Especially if there is currently no home on the plot. Inquire with your local council.

Have you found the piece of land, do you know what you have to spend for building the new house and is the permit completed? Then you can start building the house. There too, various steps can be taken and choices can be made. To give you the most complete picture of the total project, we explain the main steps below.

  • House design
  • Building a house
  • Build house – interior

House design

The start of building a house is a good design that matches your requirements, wishes and budget. When designing a house, you usually hire an architect. You can make it as expensive as you want. Do you already have a good idea of ​​how you want your home? Then you can ask the architect to make a construction drawings of your design.

This way you can be sure that the house you have in mind is also architecturally sturdy enough to live in. The building plan is used by the contractor as a blueprint for building the new-build house. You will have to spend at least $ 550+ to make a construction drawings. Often there are also consultancy costs from the architect. Therefore, discuss well in advance what you expect from the professional and what is possibly already available in design or information. In this way, the architect can give you a realistic cost price.

  • Make construction drawing costs

Do you have a construction drawing available? Then you can find a contractor yourself who will build your house. You can also let the architect supervise the building of the house. If the architect remains involved in the project, you can be sure that the craftsmen will carry out the design as intended by the architect and not just make concessions. There is a price tag attached to the involvement of the architect in building your home. An architect is not a contractor, but more of a project leader. Therefore, you often need a contractor to supervise the construction and the professionals.

Building a house – shell

Once the design phase has been completed and you have a construction team available, you can start building your new home. If you have a house built, the contractor and the construction team will start with many different activities. For example, building a house includes the following activities:

  • Leveling and preparing the ground for flab or subfloor
  • Construction or connection of sewage and drainage
  • Placing the foundations
  • Placing the steel or wooden skeleton
  • Building timber or brick framed walls
  • Bricklaying external walls
  • Install windows and frames
  • Installing the roof

At almost every step in building a house you have choices to make. Are you going for a steel or wooden construction, for example? Do you want brick walls, do you choose stucco on the outside, or do you want a lot of windows in your home? And do you go for bricks or reed on the roof? The choices you make largely determine the price you pay for building the house.

Build house – interior

When your house has been completed as a shell, the next phase of building your house starts: the interior. Not to mention the furniture, but mainly the fixed elements, such as the floor, walls, bathroom and kitchen. Here too, your choices determine the price for building your house. In the above price indication, we have not included the costs for this phase, because strictly speaking the construction of your house has been completed after the shell has been completed. But of course this is part of the entire project. We are therefore happy to give you an indication of the costs of the largest jobs in the house.

a house – installing the floor When building a house, the floor largely determines the atmosphere you create in your home. For example, are you going for a rural, romantic look with a wooden floor? Then take into account an amount between $ 8 and $ 21 per m² for installing the floor. You get a more modern, sleek look, for example by installing a cast floor. These costs vary from $ 50 to $ 100 per m². Do you want to know more about the costs?

Building a house – finishing walls

The walls of your new-build house can be fitted with sleek stucco. The price varies from $ 10 to $ 18 per m². Wallpapering is a cheaper option, for which you pay an average of $ 2 to $ 10 per m². Do you let an interior painter finish everything with a fresh coat of paint? Then count on an amount of $ 6 to $ 15 per m². Curious about all price information for these jobs?

  • Cost of plaster inside
  • Cost wallpapered rooms
  • Cost of interior painting

Building a house – installing A Kitchen

A new house is not complete without a kitchen that meets all your needs. In addition to purchasing the kitchen, you pay installation costs if you have it installed by a professional. Take into account an amount between $ 1700 and $ 10,500.

The next big choice you have to make when you build a house is the bathroom. Do you choose a bath or a luxurious shower? And do you also immediately have a second toilet installed? All choices that influence the total price. To give you an idea of ​​the costs: for a complete bathroom you will lose on average between $ 7,000 and $ 17,000.

How can I keep building my new home as cheap as possible?

Building a new-build home is not a cheap business. However, there are some ways in which you can significantly reduce costs: For example, by building a prefab new-build house. Your house is then largely made in a factory in advance. In such a case, there is clearly no customization, but lower costs for building a house. Inside you can still give a prefab house its own twist and the quality of this type of house is very good.

There may be an old house on the floor you bought. It is always interesting to see the cost of renovating this house rather than building a new one. In most cases this is cheaper than starting from scratch and it still offers many possibilities. You can also choose a timber frame instead of building with bricks. When you are going to build a house on the basis of a timber frame, there is again talk of prefab; a standard template, so to speak, which reduces costs.

Have the construction of a new-build house carried out via SkilledTradies?

Building a house yourself is something you usually only do once in a lifetime. So it is not surprising that you especially want this to be done properly and sustainably. This way you can enjoy your new home for years to come. Therefore, go for the security and quality of a reliable, experienced craftsman for building your house. You can get in touch with them quickly and easily via Skilled Tradies. Place your project online and the first contact is easily made. Before you make a choice, read the experiences of other customers, so that you get an idea of ​​the method and quality that the professional can deliver. Have you found a suitable professional? Then nothing stands in the way of you to start building your house quickly.

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