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November 13, 2023

Cost Of Building A Wooden Veranda

With a wooden veranda you create a patio roof that allows you to sit outside in the rain. That can come in very handy with those typical Australian summers. You also increase the living space of your home. Certainly if you partially close the wooden veranda or place patio heaters, you will make it a place that you can enjoy all year round.

To ensure that the construction of your wooden veranda is good, sturdy and durable, it is best to hire a professional to carry out this job for you. The professional who installs your wooden veranda can often also advise you on the design and materials. This way you are assured of a design that fits your home, your wishes and your budget. And thanks to the professional placement of your wooden veranda, you can enjoy it for years.

Price information wooden veranda (product prices)

Kind Price of the product
Wooden veranda, self-build From $ 950,
Wooden veranda, prefab From $ 2,500
Wooden veranda, customization From $ 4,550


Have a wooden veranda installed

Have your wooden roof placed, and possibly designed by a professional. Take the following target prices into account. These prices include material and wages.

<> Kind Average price
Standard veranda $ 7,500
Custom veranda $ 20,000

What does a wooden veranda cost?

The prices of a wooden veranda strongly depend on your wishes and the possibilities of the garden. You can choose to build a veranda from scratch, including the design. Then you only pay material costs and you are the cheapest. If you opt for a self-built wooden veranda, it is important that you are both a good designer and a handy handyman. If those criteria do not apply to you, it is wiser to have the job carried out by a professional. This way you can be sure that the veranda perfectly matches your home and you are assured of a sturdy and durable result.

If you want to install a veranda, you can save a lot of costs if you can choose a prefab wooden veranda at home. A prefab porch is not suitable for every house, because you are dealing with fixed dimensions. And it may very well be that that does not suit your garden. Or that the material of the roof, for example, does not suit your taste or wishes.

It is therefore often the case that people choose a custom wooden veranda. Although customization is the most expensive option, it does give you the opportunity to make it exactly the way you want it. This applies to the dimensions, as well as the materials for the construction and the roof, but also for the finish and decoration. A custom made wooden veranda is therefore really a valuable addition to your home.

A wooden veranda does not have to cost much, but prices quickly add up if you have custom wishes. The greatest profit can be achieved if you choose a standard or prefab wooden veranda. If you can also help with the assembly, you will lose less labor costs to the professional. Always discuss it in advance with the professional who will carry out your job, if you want to help yourself. The professional can then immediately take this into account in the quotation. It is also not possible for every professional to help. This way you both will not be faced with surprises.

If you request a quote via Skilled Tradies, immediately give as many details as possible about your job. Do you already have a prefab wooden veranda in mind? Or do you want the professional to help you with the design, choice of material and / or finish? The more you indicate in advance, the more accurate the professionals can make a price proposal. This gives you a realistic idea of ​​the costs quickly.

Wooden veranda possibilities

A veranda is an extension to your home and therefore a smart, relatively inexpensive extension of your living space. Usually a veranda consists of a roof, supported by wooden posts. There is also often chosen for a separate floor, unlike what is on the bottom of the rest of your garden. As a finish you can choose to place a semi-high fence. This immediately creates a rural appearance. It is also possible to finish part of the veranda with glass or wooden walls. That way you are even more sheltered. If you choose a custom veranda, you can discuss these types of wishes with your specialist. He knows exactly what the possibilities are in your situation.

Appearance of the house

You usually place a wooden veranda over the full width of your house, or if possible, even around your house. You can see wooden porches on both the front and the back of a house. If you choose a veranda at the front of the house, it will immediately give your house a somewhat stately appearance. The entrance of your home changes immediately. But a wooden front porch can also serve a very practical purpose. If your backyard faces north, you immediately create an extra place to sit on the south side with a wooden roof at the front. Great for long summer evenings. At the same time, a veranda at the front has the advantage that you are dry when it rains and you have to fish the house keys out of your bag.

In the vast majority of cases, a wooden veranda is placed at the rear of the house. The patio roof is often really an extension of your home. You create a covered place with it, where your garden set stays nice and dry and where you can enjoy your garden in the shade. Or just nice out of the wind on the first spring days. The possibilities of a wooden veranda are endless and therefore suitable for almost every home.

Tip! Don’t forget to think about the lighting on your veranda. For optimal enjoyment of your veranda it is nice if you can also sit there in the evening. Lighting is then a must. It is smart to think in advance how you see this in front of you. For example, do you want to hide the lighting cords as much as possible or do you opt for recessed spotlights? Then it is advisable to take this directly with you when placing the veranda. You can also do this afterwards, but then the result is often less beautiful and it often takes a lot of extra time.

The advantages of a wooden veranda

If you choose a veranda, it does not necessarily have to be a wooden veranda . You can also have a patio cover made of, for example, aluminum or steel. However, a wooden veranda has some advantages, which you are less likely to get with a different material.

  • Wood immediately creates a natural look for your home. Many people who opt for a veranda are looking for that look and that is best achieved with a natural product such as wood.
  • Wood can be easily and easily processed. This makes it perfect for customizing and adapting the wooden veranda to your home.
  • Wood is versatile. For example, you can paint a wooden roof in any color you want. This way you can really make a mark on your wooden veranda at home.
  • The fact that wood is easy to work also has advantages for the roof. The roof of a wooden veranda can easily be straightened. Do you want a sloping roof or a characteristic beamed ceiling? That too can be realized quickly and easily with wood.

Need a permit for a wooden veranda at home?

You can usually place a wooden veranda at home at the back without a permit. However, there are exceptions, for example, if the wooden veranda:

  • is greater than 30 square meters
  • occupies more than 50 percent of the garden area

Does this apply to your patio cover? Then you need a permit for this. Even if you place the veranda at the front of your house, there is a good chance that you will need a permit. Not sure whether your wooden veranda meets the requirements of permit-free building? In that case, please contact the municipality to be sure or check it via the Environment Desk .


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