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November 28, 2023

Building A Swimming Pool Prices 2024

Building A New Pool Prices

A swimming pool in the garden is a dream for many people. Would you like to take a dip in your own pool after a long day at work? You can of course buy a ready-made swimming pool and set it up in your garden. You can do this yourself and you do not need a professional. But do you want a swimming pool that lasts for several years and that also completely matches the design of your garden? Then hire a professional.

Do you want to build a swimming pool in the garden? Then you are curious about the costs you can think of.

Average price to build a pool

The price of a swimming pool is determined by various factors. Of course, the surface and the material you choose play an important role. And do you opt for a heating system and a pump? Then this often results in a completely different price tag. Of course, when building a swimming pool, you must also take into account the wages of the professional. Depending on your wishes, he can send you a price proposal. This gives you a good indication of the costs in advance.

Swimming pool type Dimensions Average price

Swimming pool type Sizes Average price
Polyester recessed 10 by 4 meters $ 25,000 to $ 40,000
Concrete pool Various sizes $ 30,000 to $ 130,000
Bio-swimming pool / swimming pond 30 square meters $ 25,000 to $ 40,000


Swimming pool type Sizes Average price
Temporary above ground bath Various sizes $


Do you want a maintenance-friendly swimming pool that will be an eye-catcher in your garden for the next ten to thirty years? Then it is wise to consider a polyester swimming pool. These pools are also called monoblock. The advantage of this type of swimming pool is the smooth finish that feels comfortable on your hands and feet. Other great advantages are that you can easily clean the pool and that the material is not easily damaged. Keep in mind that a polyester swimming pool is not cheap. You pay an amount between $ 25,000 and $ 40,000 for a swimming pool of ten by four meters.

Buying a polyester swimming pool

Placing a polyester swimming pool is a specialist job that is best carried out by an expert professional. This job starts with digging out enough soil. Then it is important to build a solid foundation. The professional always looks closely at the available soil. For example, he can choose to lay a concrete slab, but sometimes making a stabilized bed of sand is also sufficient to carry your pool. The professional also takes a good look at the groundwater level. High groundwater can have a negative effect on your pool when there is little or no water in the pool. The groundwater then pushes the pool upwards. To prevent this, the professional can install a drainage system, a concrete slab with a pebble layer or a pressure relief valve.

When the foundation is ready, the pool is lifted into place with a crane. The water enters the pool in stages. It is important that sufficient sand or gravel has always been used on the sides to fill the sides. When the bath is completely filled, bricks are placed at the top.

Different sizes and shapes

The polyester swimming pools are available in different shapes and sizes. In most gardens, a rectangular model takes up the least space. You can also opt for a round shape or a crescent. Which pool you choose depends mainly on your taste and the available space in your garden. The depth of the pool is standard 1.50 meters. In most cases there is also a Roman staircase or a corner staircase. Very handy to easily walk in and out of the pool.

Build steel built-in swimming pool

Would you rather not have a polyester pool or are the prices of the polyester pool too high for your budget? Perhaps you can then choose the steel built-in swimming pool. The materials of this pool are a lot cheaper than polyester and you will notice this immediately at the price.

Installation of a steel swimming pool

Did you choose a steel pool? Then you can opt for a built-in or built-up swimming pool. A build-up pool is cheaper and no excavation work is required. You will also notice this in the rate that you pay for the professional. Consult well with the professional whether a built-in or structure best suits your needs. A built-in swimming pool often looks nicer and you can also keep a close eye on what is happening in the water. Definitely recommended with children playing.

Steel built-in swimming pools are completely buried by the professional. With a surface-mounted variant, the professional places extra reinforcement at the edges.

Do you want a swimming pool that seamlessly connects to your garden design? And do you have the budget to go for a pool for life? Then consider building a concrete pool. With these types of pools you are not bound to pre-formed pools and you can go in all directions. In addition, a concrete pool is very sturdy and durable.

Keep in mind that the prices of a concrete swimming pool are much higher than the prices of other swimming pools. The craftsman also takes longer to install a concrete built-in swimming pool.

Building a concrete pool

Depending on the shape and the location of the pool, the professional can choose different options for installing the pool.

  • Pour concrete on site between formwork
  • Precast concrete panels
  • Concrete blocks
  • Polystyrene blocks
  • Shotcrete

As with the other built-in pools, the professional must first excavate the ground and provide a solid foundation. This way you can be sure that your swimming pool is in line with the rest of your garden and that it will not subside quickly. After placing a swimming pool, the professional will finish the swimming pool neatly. He finishes the edge with accompanying patio tiles. You can of course also choose to finish the inside of the pool so that the concrete is no longer visible. Here you can choose from PVC film or liner film, mosaic, polyester or have the edge stucco. Which choice you make depends on your budget and taste.

Swimming pool type Sizes Average price
Concrete pool Various sizes $ 30,000 to $ 130,000

Build a natural swimming pool

Would you rather swim in natural water? Then you can opt for a bio-swimming pool or swimming pond. The plants provide maintenance at a swimming pond. So you do not have to find the right balance between the chemicals to prevent bacteria from entering the water. You do not have to change the water regularly in a swimming pond. A swimming pond is therefore better for the environment and better for your health. A swimming pond also gives your garden a natural look.

Placing an organic swimming pool

The craftsman first digs out the ground before placing a concrete slab as a foundation. To absorb the water pressure, the walls are also made of concrete. If you do not have the budget for this, the professional can also make the pond with pond liner in full soil. The disadvantage of this is that you cannot easily step into the pond. It is also more likely that the cloth will tear.

In terms of design, you can go in any direction. For example, you can choose a swimming pond with a rectangular shape where the swimming area and the plant area are separated. The plants can purify the water naturally. You do not prevent cloudy water with this. Do you want to prevent this? Then you can opt for a filter technique without chemicals from AquaForte.

In addition to a swimming pond, you can also go for the natural pond. The purifying plants are in the swimming area. With this shape it seems as if the pond was created naturally.

Swimming pool type Sizes Average price
Bio-swimming pool / swimming pond 24 Lineal meters $ 25,000 to $ 40,000


How do you finish the built-in pool?

You can finish the built-in pool in different ways. Your taste and budget are decisive. Discuss in advance with the professional what wishes you have. This way he can give you a customized price proposal.

For the finish of the pool you can choose natural stone or composite. Do you prefer a unique look? Then you can also choose different types of wood, such as thermo wood, hardwood, or plastic. Which choice fits best, of course, also depends on how your garden looks. Would you like to build a hardwood terrace or a terrace of natural stone by the pool, for example, or would you prefer a natural look with grass?


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