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November 22, 2023

What Does It Cost To Build A Fence?

Would you like to change the existing fence or install a completely new fence? are you curious about the costs?

Costs for installing a fences?

Do you want to place a new fence around the garden and curious about the costs? Read more about the prices and the various options here. If you have a new garden fence or new fence installed by a professional gardener, the length of the fence or type of fence is the most determining factor for the total costs.

Installation cost indication for various fence types

In the table below you will find the different costs for placing the fence in the garden. The prices below are based on fencing per meter.

Place fencing, garden fence or fence Cost indication per meter
Wooden fencing $ 40 – $ 80
Wire mesh fencing $ 40 – $ 90
Decorative fencing $ 100 – $ 500
Plastic fences $ 130 – $ 230, –
Natural fences $ 45 – $ 250

* The variation in prices per meter is mainly because fences differ in types of material and quality, these factors often reflect the costs.

You usually install a new garden gate for three reasons:

  1. You want to secure your land. In the case of some insurance policies, this is even mandatory;
  2. You want to improve the appearance of your garden and / or home;
  3. You have young children and would like to close the garden for their safety.

Depending on your reason, you choose from many types of fences. A small wooden fence may be nice, but it is not entirely safe, for example. A large metal fence with barbed wire can be very safe, but at the expense of the appearance of the garden. When you choose a fence, you have the choice between the traditional wooden fence, or the more modern fence.

Wooden fencing with vegetation to improve the appearance of your garden.

In all cases it’s important that the installation of a garden fence is carried out with an eye for detail and the necessary experience. There are also many options, so it is wise to have an expert advise you. So engage a professional who knows what he is doing and can show you exactly what the options are. On websites such as Pinterest you can also find a lot of inspiration in the field of fences and fences.

Factors determine the costs for a fence?

In addition to the length of the fence, it’s good to look at various factors, such as: the type of garden fence, whether or not a gate and the accessibility of your garden for the professional. When you combine the above elements, you ultimately arrive at the total price for installing a garden fence. Read more about all these individual elements below and how this can affect costs.

The type of fence

If you have a fence placed in the garden, there are various options. You can go for a wooden or metal garden fence. If you go for wood, there is a choice between impregnated wood and hardwood. Impregnated wood costs less, but count on lower quality for this choice. A garden fence made of impregnated wood usually lasts about 15 years. Examples of impregnated wood are: cedar wood, pine and spruce.

If you prefer a solid wood type, it is recommended to choose hardwood. Hardwood is virtually maintenance-free and lasts up to 25 years. Examples of hardwood are: mahogany, oak and beech.

You can also opt for a decorative fence, there are some very chic variants. Decorative fencing is by definition pleasant to the eye and a beautiful way to decorate your garden.

Decorative metal fencing. Safe and beautiful.

Metal fencing is almost always supplied galvanized. In this way they are protected against rust. The costs for galvanizing are on average between $ 65 and $ 185 . After galvanizing, you can also opt for a coating in a color of your choice. The colors green and black are supplied at a standard price. For both galvanizing and coating your garden fence, in the case of these colors, usually between $ 35 and $ 115 is charged. If you want a different color, this will incur additional costs, count on approximately $ 5 to $ 200 .

The gate

When placing a garden gate, don’t forget to include a gate in your cost statement. In the field of garden gates, there are various options: from walkway gate and swing gate to sliding gate. Ports are also often galvanized / galvanized and coated available. The average cost for a gate is between $ 250 and $ 295.

Any additional options

The garden fence to be placed can be provided with some extra options. Think for example of beautiful vegetation, such as plants or shrubs. Furthermore, there are also less beautiful, but safer, options such as barbed wire and spines on top of the fence.

Overgrowth comes in all shapes and sizes and the costs depend very much on which plants you choose. Our gardeners usually start from around $ 20 to $ 50 per meter;

Barbed wire is quite cheap and is bought in bulk. Assume approximately $ 50 per 100 meters;
Spines on top of a fence are more expensive than barbed wire, but a little neater. Assume approximately $ 20 to $ 30 per meter.

A cheap, practical solution: wire mesh fencing.

The same applies to the costs of a fence; the number of meters you want to place is the most decisive. But of course other factors are important.

Type of material of the fence

If you have a fence installed, there are two types of wood that you can choose from: impregnated wood and hardwood. When you choose impregnated wood, you can take into account lower costs. But the quality is much less. A hardwood fence usually lasts about 25 years, impregnated wood lasts about 15 years. Impregnated wood includes types of wood such as pine, spruce and cedar. These woods are treated with an impregnating agent that protects against fungi and insects.

If you prefer a firmer type of wood, then the choice for hardwood is wise. Besides that it lasts longer, this wood is also virtually maintenance-free thanks to its strength. Think of hardwoods such as: oak, mahogany and beech wood.

Wooden fences are by far the most popular in Australia. However, our gardeners are seeing a strong rise in plastic fences. These are more expensive to purchase, but last longer than hardwood and are very easy to keep clean. Plastic fences used to really have to be your taste; they were mainly supplied in sleek, modern designs. This is changing steadily; more and more plastic fences with a wood-like appearance are available .

A wooden fence is by far the most popular in the Australia

Type of material of the fence posts

Do you opt for concrete or wooden fence posts? Concrete posts are firmer and often needed in case of a soft bottom. However, it is not always the best option. Therefore, consult your fencing conractor carefully about the type of fence posts that are required for the substrate in your garden.

The gate

In some gardens, a fence functions well as a fence. But when there is a corridor behind your garden, for example, it is nice to place a gate. Sometimes this is also mandatory, because of fire safety.

There are several options for fence gates:

  • Fence gate with straight door
  • Fence gate with curved door at the top
  • Double gate / door

Gates are available for every budget and range from $ 70 for a small impregnated wood gate to a double hardwood door for $750.

In addition to the above factors that determine the total costs, there are also other price-determining factors.

Your own preparation

If your professional can get started right away, this will save on installation and assembly costs. So it can be a good plan to do the demolition work yourself. That way, you don’t have to hire the professional for as many hours, so you save yourself a few euros. It is advisable to discuss such a division of labor with the professional. It may also be the case that you as a non-professional overlook a few things. In that case, the professional must still charge extra hours and therefore costs.

Accessibility of the garden

Many craftsmen find the accessibility of the garden important when placing fencing and fences. By good accessibility, most gardeners mean:

  • It is easy to reach the garden (through a back gate, so not through a house)
  • It is possible to park the bus (with trailer) near the garden, preferably even adjacent to the garden
  • The garden can be reached without the owners being at home

With a garden that meets these characteristics, it takes less time for the professional to carry out the assignment.

The neighbors and permits

Chances are that your neighbors would also like to have a neat fence. When you make the purchase together, you can share the costs. And are there more residents in the area with the same wishes? Then join forces. That can easily give you a quantity discount.

It may also be the case that you have to apply for a permit to install your garden gate. This is not the case with a fence under 1 meter. If the fence is between 1 and 2 meters, you should check whether wealth requirements apply. If that is the case, you must apply for a permit. If you place a fence of 2 meters or higher, you will need an environmental permit anyway. Read more about this in the government information sheet .

Natural options for shelter in the garden

It may be natural that you prefer not to have wood, metal or plastic in your garden. For example because it is not your taste, or because you think it does not fit in your garden. In that case, it’s worth taking a look at some natural options:

Willow toes : These are braided mats that will last about 8 to 10 years. The mats can provide natural separation. You can also grow these secretions with climbing plants. The price of willow toes including assembly is approximately $ 55 to $ 100 per linear meter.

Teatree or bamboo mats : give a soothing or romantic appearance to the garden, but can also be mounted in steel constructions, giving you a very sleek effect. Bamboo and reed cost approximately between $ 25 and $ 125 per meter, including mounting. With bamboo it is important to choose a somewhat more expensive variant because they last considerably longer.

Coconut bark or tree bark in steel trellis : coconut steel or tree bark can be placed in a steel construction. This is sustainable and ecologically sound. Coconut bark has a life span of 15 to 20 years, and it turns gray over time. However, they are very easy to replace within the steel trellis. The costs are approximately $ 150 to $ 250 per meter.

Natural options for shelter can often also be combined with fences or fencing. For example, by providing a few meters with a different material, you create a playful effect in the garden.

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