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December 19, 2018

Common Bathroom Renovation Roadblocks


What are some of the most common bathroom renovation roadblocks to consider?

The concept of working on your bathroom and making it ten times better is never a bad option. However, there are many situations where roadblocks do pop up. In these moments, you want to realise the value of being prepared and recognising what can happen.

This is something most property owners will deal with at one point or another. Therefore, you want to look at the following common bathroom renovation roadblocks as soon as possible.

Odd Spacing

What about the spacing inside the bathroom based on its current layout?

The spacing is a major issue because there needs to be enough space for you to work with especially while adding bathroom elements. For example, you may want to add in a specific basin but there may not be enough room for it to be usable.

This happens all the time and that is why preparation is important. You want to understand these details well in advance and make adjustments before money is spent on the wrong asset. It’s difficult to create space out of thin air, which is why you have to stay focused.

Mismatched Colours


Most people assume their bathroom is going to be even-toned with the same colours.

Unfortunately, this was not the case in the past where multi-toned colours were being used along with bordering trims. This means you have to work on removing those colours/trims immediately before you even get the opportunity to start renovating.

This is a simple roadblock but it is one most people are going to have to navigate around early on. Get rid of the mismatched colours/patterns and then focus on creating a newly designed bathroom with what is left at your disposal. It will keep things simple.

Improper Fixtures

As soon as you take a look at the room, you’ll realise the fixture may not be in the right spot or doesn’t connect the way you want it to. This happens because most bathroom fixtures are put into place simply because that’s the only place they can go. However, when you’re ready to make adjustments you will want more leeway with regards to where the fixture can go. If that is the case, you want to keep this in mind well in advance.

As long as you do that, you will be able to make adjustments and not ruin anything that is done once the project begins.

Incorrect Drainage Setup

bathroom floor

The shower drain doesn’t always get placed in the right spot especially if you’re thinking about changing directions or replacing the tub. In these situations, you want to understand how the drainage works and what angles can be used to make sure the water doesn’t end up sitting in the same spot.

Incorrect drainage setup can be a massive issue when working on a second story. Timber sub floor setups are paramount to getting drainage through beams. If you don’t give the proper thoughts into where your drainage will sit in the floor you may find it impossible to direct drainage pipes to external walls without causing structural damage to internal beams

Subtle adjustments will have to be made if the drain is in the wrong spot. You cannot leave it in its current position because that is going to lead to additional damage that is costly and simply not worth it on your end.


This is perhaps the most common roadblock of them all.

A budget is going to be a part of what you’re doing and that is noticeable in all cases. Whether you’re making small renovations or larger ones, the budget is going to have a role to play. This is why you want to have the number in mind before beginning.

When you have a budget to work with, it’s a lot easier to make changes and still keep chugging along without missing a beat. Otherwise, you will make mistakes and get stuck with a half-baked bathroom.

Poor Electrical Layout

The electrical layout is a concern in these situations because many bathrooms have an old-fashioned setup. This means the electrical wiring isn’t put in the most efficient spot and is often hidden in a messy manner. Anyone that is looking to push forward with a bathroom renovation will know how frustrating this can be. The wall has to be opened up to make sure the wiring is in the right spot before being closed up again. This is a serious waste of time but is a hurdle that has to be dealt with for safety purposes.

With a bathroom renovation project on the horizon, you have to think about these common bathroom renovation roadblocks as soon as possible. Yes, you are going to have a lot of issues to deal with over time but it’s important to get on top of these as soon as you can. Too many people end up in a situation where these roadblocks come without preparation and that is when you start to panic in the middle of an ongoing project. Keep it simple and plan ahead!

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