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December 14, 2018

6 Tips For Staining A Timber Deck

timber decking

Staining a timber deck is loads of fun as long as you know what to do.

Professionals often spend time on this step because of how important it is. However, the average person isn’t going to have years of expertise and that’s why it’s important to take your time and understand the nuances of this process.

Here are the most important tips for staining a timber deck in the modern age.

1) Plan Ahead

You should always take the time to plan ahead because it is an integral part of the process.

Staining is not as simple as picking up the solution, finding a paint brush and calling it a day. You will need to think about how the deck will be cleaned, what changes have to be made and what type of product is going to be used.

timber deck stain

Ignoring one of these steps is the reason people end up in bad situations where they don’t see the results that are desired. Take your time and make sure to understand what’s required before you commence.

timber cleaner

Start with the surface as this is where all of the work is going to be done. I’ve personally used the water pressure cleaner. It’s a great device but best used for raw timber and not for timber that’s already been painted etc.

A lot of people assume the surface is good to go and simply start applying the product without thinking twice. However, you want to think about how to do things the right way. This means understanding where the surface may have grime / dirt / dust that has to be removed. You want to go through the entire area and spray water using a pressure washer. This will help clear out the surface mess that can easily accumulate over time.

If you don’t have a pressure washer, it’s best to use a simple hose and go through the area slowly. This is an important step and shouldn’t be taken lightly because the staining process will fail if you’re not meticulous.

Kennards Hire have a monster range of pressure cleaners if you need to hire.

2) Use a Wood Brightener

This is a step many people skip because it doesn’t seem like a necessity.

Sure, it isn’t something you will need to incorporate in the staining process but it’s going to give it the additional shine you’re after. Do you want it to glisten under the sunlight? If that is the case then it’s time to think about the use of a high grade wood brightener. This is one of those options that will go a long way in making sure you feel good about how the timber deck looks as soon as you’re done.

The wood brightener will add value to the timber deck and make it pop from all angles.

3) Use Water-Based Products

What type of staining solution should you be using?

wood stain

The beauty of being able to using modern solutions is the variety that’s on offer. In the past, you weren’t able to do this and that was the reason for poor results. However, these days, you’re able to play around with different products and it’s time to look into water-based solutions.

These are eco-friendly, easy to use and offer incredible results too. This is the way to go if you’re looking for a good fit. Most professionals prefer using water based products because they dry quickly and don’t have the odor or chemicals of oil-based products

4) Follow the Directions and Work in Small Sections

This is common sense but something you want to think about before staining a timber deck.

A lot of people will have certain assumptions about what needs to be done and how they should get down to it. However, you want to keep things simple and follow the directions listed on the staining solution.

This is the easiest way to get things done on time because the directions are there to help you. Don’t ignore them and assume what you’re doing is the right way. Each company has their own formula and directions, which you should look to follow!

Also, please take the time to start in smaller sections so you’re able to maintain consistency from one end to the other instead of rushing.

5) Don’t Overapply

The application process is a unique one because most people will assume they’re not doing enough!

You have to realize it’s not about quantity with your staining solution. Instead, the goal is to make sure you are applying just enough without being aggressive. Read the directions and understand what needs to be done before beginning.

You’ll see great results and it’s going to be in line with what you’re hoping to get as that is essential.

6) Use a Paintbrush

This is something people don’t do as much as they should. A paint brush is a lot better than a roller because it’s going to offer a seamless finish. The roller is going to come out as a burst and that isn’t going to spread as you want it to. Plus, the roller can often lead to overuse as people don’t know when to stop. As a result, you want to go with a traditional paintbrush because it works and will get the job done the way you want.

Of course, you want to make sure the paintbrush is a clean one and is going to offer the ability to cover a good amount of area quickly.

These are the most important tips for staining a timber deck. In the past, most people assume it was time to call in the pros but doesn’t have to be the case. As long as you’re following these tips, you’ll have a professional-grade solution in no time.

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