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June 21, 2023

Building 10K New Instagram Followers

Instagram Markting

Instagram is a standout among the most well known social media platforms. Its month to month client base has crossed right around 1 billion monthly users. While it at first began as a prominent photograph sharing app, its now developed as a standout among the most mainstream social media platforms on the Internet.

Because of its high popularity, rivalry is high in each vertical and it is difficult to create a strong following. If you’re hoping to build a big following on Instagram, here are the few hints for building 10K new Instagram followers.

Instagram StatisticsStay Topic Specific

One of the keys to success on Instagram is that you have to stay within your specialty. You can’t grow large numbers of followers on Instagram or on any of the other social platforms by posting just anything on your account.

You have to stay to a specific specialty, so for example. If you’re a sparky, you post pictures and stories of sparky related content. If you’re a plumber posts photo’s and stories about plumbing related topics. Stick to your specific specialty and you’re enthusiastic about it, it will appear in your posts and you’ll start to gain more followers. (be patient, it takes time, nothing happens over night)

There is a ton of rivalry on Instagram and in the event that you quit posting quality posts, you’ll before long lose followers and they will discover another person to follow. So the best way to combat this is to post content regularly, I was asked recently how can you find the time do it. The reply was simple, what’s the alternative? Think about it!

If you need help  with posting content i highly recommend using Social Pilot It’s a real time saver when you want to make multiple posts to all your social media accounts.

Post Regularly

A lot of experts will tell you that you need to pass at least every day. Depending on what industry you’re in you may be able to post more than once or twice a day but before you do that you need to check how regularly your competitors are posting their content.

Don’t just post any photo post high quality images. Instagram the best image size will be 1080 by 1080 pixels. If you don’t know what a pixel is just Google i. Knowing what a pixel is will help you with the sizes of the images.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different photo options to figure out what works best with your profile, some images will work better than others and get you more followers. Gif images are also great for attracting people’s attention.

Caption Texts

One of the major differences between Instagram accounts that have huge followers and Instagram account in the same business that don’t is the use of captions. If you take the time to learn how to use captions properly you’ll gain thousands of followers on Instagram.

You need to test whether or not you need long captions or short captions. Be consistent with your captions, do captions need to activate motivate and inspire your audience, you need to trigger your audience for a response. The best advice I can give you for writing captions is to test, test & test again what works for you.

There is no shortage of motivational content on Instagram, the Treaty is it drives massive amounts of Engagement it can also help you gain massive amount of followers in a very short time. Sometimes long captions are required to attract new followers for electricians, short captions may be required for plumbers or roofers. You will only know what works best for you by trying different formats.

Caption Text
Get descriptive in your caption texts just like Nat Geo. It works!

Avoid Over Posting

You have to post regular but remember that you can also lose followers by over posting.

How many Instagram accounts fail to get new followers because they don’t post often enough. Just as many accounts losing followers because they post too often. Remember social media is just that, it has to be social.

Sometimes when you’re over post your followers can’t do everything that you’re posting. The other problem with either posting his you often lose quality of your content. Again you need to test how many posts you need to do per day or weak to define what your audience like the best.

Keep It Social

It’s a social platform, that means Instagram users want social interaction. If you don’t engage with your users, then it’s really unlikely that you’re going to gain mass followers. Mix it up a little bit don’t just always use the same engagement method.

Ask questions in your parts, ask questions in your followers parts. Like your followers followers and always respond to followers comments.

A good tip to make your post look more engaging is to ask questions about your posts, it makes your content look more attractive to other users. If your Instagram account is new it’s best to make comments on other people’s posts, it helps other Instagram users get interested in your account and send traffic to your Instagram profile.

Using Instagram influencers

One of the most talked about marketing to grow your Instagram account is to Leverage Instagram influencers. Instagram influencers are accounts with large amounts of followers.

I’m not a huge advocate of leveraging Instagram followers, I don’t think it’s the most effective form of Instagram marketing. Instead I believe in doing an audience, an audience that’s actually interested in your message.

Think about it, why would you pay an influencer whose account is all about makeup to give you a shout out? And conversely why would somebody who is following a business account similar to yours want to follow your account when you only have one post??

Use Hashtags

Using hashtags on your new Instagram account is absolutely crucial to your success. Using a hashtag is an easy way to get more followers on Instagram. Try to only use hashtags that are relevant to your business and the post that you are posting fury.

There’s no need to go mental with hashtags, just keep them specific. Start off with using maybe a dozen hashtags per post. You find you attractive better audience when your account is full of quality posts with quality hashtags. Misleading users with false hashtags will only damage your efforts.

The smart way to use hashtags
Another smart example on how to use hashtags


I hope you use these Tips and Tools to build your Instagram account. If you have any questions leave them in the comment box below and we’ll happily answer them for you.

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