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June 20, 2023

Marketing Tips For Tradesmen

Tradies marketing tips

We all realise that initial introductions really matter. In any case, one takeaway from our ongoing study of more than 2000 consumers is exactly how significant public image is – and your marketing image – is for tradesmen. Establishing a good first impression could be the difference between winning and losing the contract.

Here are our top tips for establishing a good first impression with new clients.

Online Presence

In our tech savvy world, potential clients now have a wide range of choices to look at your credentials before they connect. Our studies found that 40% of individuals have used online surveys of a tradesperson they were thinking of hiring, while 37% have checked out your site.

Essentially, 22% said they may be suspicious of a tradesperson who didn’t have a site or a strong internet based profile – rising to 31% among the ages 25-34. Make your business look more trustworthy by setting up a Facebook page. Posting ordinary updates will give your clients an additional method to get in touch with you and makes you look accessible and settled.

Signage & Cards

The unassuming business card still has a significant task to carry out for tradesmen. A quarter of people surveyed said they’d probably doubt a tradesman who didn’t have a business card, while 44% said they would be put off by spelling mistakes on a tradesperson’s card, signage or website. You must make sure before you get any items printed, you edit them cautiously or ask another person to give them a careful once over.

Social Media

Facebook is a decent all-rounder. There are choices to request recommendations and client testimonials and promote special posts to a broader audience. Facebook even distribute guides for assistance. You can get started with the Facebook pages guide easily and fast.

social media platforms

LinkedIn is an extraordinary method to build professional contacts and leads for your business. I’m not a huge fan of LinkedIn company pages though. In my opinion LinkedIn have made too many changes to their platform over the years and really made a mess of business URL’s. That being said have a professional profile is a great resource & you should always create a company page, it’s like buying real estate, you never know what changes LinkedIn will make in the future & owning your business page could be a great investment.

Pinterest is becoming progressively prominent with tradies, home builders and designers on the grounds that it’s picture driven, so you can share before and after shots of your work etc. 40% of clients search for pictures of finished works before picking a tradie or building contractor. Like Facebook, Pinterest additionally offers analytics tools and it’s pretty simple to add to your website.

Instagram is currently undergoing huge popularity growth among local tradesmen. It’s not all selfies and extravagant food photo’s either. Effectively downloaded on a cell phone, it’s a fantastic method to share your pictures & showcase your work. Utilize relative hashtags and engage with targeted trades similar to your own. Be cautious of using any follow or unfollow software, Instagram recently updated their platform to block and ban millions of users for violating their terms and conditions.

Photo’s & Accreditations

Practically 40% of clients have searched for pictures of finished work before picking a tradie or building company, so it’s imperative to take top quality photographs of your work and show them on your website, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn or Facebook page. Similarly, on the off chance that you have HIA, MBA memberships, or work in a licensed trade, you should display these details on your website. We found 55% of clients pay special attention to your licenses and associations.

Business reviews are progressively growing in popularity on the Internet and so should your internet marketing efforts. Fortunately it’s simpler than you might suspect to take advantage of what’s available to you online.

Website layouts

Google’s robots have advanced, making content more important now then ever before, ease of use and mobile friendly structure is now extremely important. Luckily, heaps of website suppliers make it simple to satisfy the Google’s algorithms.

Skilled Tradies Directory

The Skilled Tradies directory is especially helpful on the off chance that you don’t have sufficient time to manage your own online presence. Unused social networking pages can do more damage than good if you leave inquiries from potential clients unanswered or show old posts, or even worse don’t post regular content. Instead, let skilled Tradies directory collect reviews & collect trust for your brand.

Skilled Tradies is a genuine example of what a good directory can do. We publish your business info including a geo coded map to assist your Google rankings. Additionally Skilled Tradies also allows you to add your social media accounts to your profile. This makes it easier for perspective clients to view all your social media accounts from the one place before making a decision.

Being Proactive

Engagement is everything, just having empty social media accounts or an outdated website is not going to help your business anymore. It takes effort, it takes engagement.

When was the last time you made comments on industry specific posts in Instagram? When did you last post a photo? How many blog posts have you made this month? I know it sounds like a lot of work but the team at Skilled Tradies can easily help you with the work load.

Need a website? Social media management? Paid media? Skilled Tradies can help you online with in all those areas. If all you want is some advice all you need to do is ask us on the comments section below. Advice is always free for our tradies.

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