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Logan28-02-2020 10:30PM
Construction project

This is a very important year for me because my business partner and I are expanding our business, and we are starting a big construction project next month. Since the new facilities will be located next to my existing commercial building, I needed to check all underground utilities. I had some outdated plans, so I called this company to help me. They have some hi-tech equipment and I now have a digital plan of all the cables and pipes that are lying beneath the ground, and they were able to locate everything without digging or making a mess.

Mark13-02-2020 10:24PM
Great contractors

During a large construction project, we had a pipe problem in a confined space. This was something that had to be fixed fast, and luckily these guys were working on the site as contractors. They were able to start fixing the issue we had immediately, and within a couple of hours everything was back to normal, and the other contractors could continue their job. This saved us a lot of time and money because if they weren’t there, we will probably break the deadline and that would cost us a lot.