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Ryan09-04-2021 12:23AM
Great team

I had the pleasure to work with this team on 3 commercial projects and so far, everything was in order. I can say that they were one of the most reliable contractors we ever hired, and it goes beyond just respecting the deadlines. The team works as one, the guys are all very friendly and they do exceptional work. Whether they are installing CCTV or wireless security system, you can be sure that it will function perfectly and stay that way for a long time.

Michael19-02-2021 02:13AM
Long-time partners

I have been collaborating with this company on a couple of major commercial construction projects, and my experiences were always positive. They are responsible for all security gadgets installation and maintenance alongside 24/7 monitoring at one of our storages. They keep up with the newest inventions and equipment, so whatever I have in mind, they can make it happen. Just a few days ago, they finished wireless security system installation for our company and I already feel more relieved. Certainly, a company to work with in the long run.

Melissa29-12-2020 11:08PM
Loyal customer

A couple of years ago, these guys installed a security system in our company. Since then, they have been providing regular maintenance, plus they were always keen to help us whenever we had questions and concerns. Besides professional installation and service, they gave us all the necessary information and briefed our security staff about how to use the system. We can now monitor the entire property from one room because we added extra cameras to cover every part of the indoor and outdoor area.

Chloe29-10-2020 07:46PM
Safer home

After a burglary attempt, we experienced a couple of months ago, my husband and I decided to invest in a security system for our home. Luckily, nothing was stolen because one of our neighbours saw the burglars, but we didn’t want to let it happen again. This company installed a professional surveillance system, so we now have live footage of specific indoor and outdoor areas, and we feel safer. Thank you for professional service and fast installation of CCTV cameras.