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December 13, 2018

Bathroom Trends For 2019


Making changes to any part of the property is a wonderful option.

Too many property owners stick to the status quo, which results in boring designs that are out of style. You want to mix things up as much as possible by looking at the leading bathroom trends for 2019. These trends are going to become a part of modern designing and are something you want to implement immediately.

Here are the best bathroom trends for 2019 and what makes them special.

Natural Colours

What colours are being used in the bathroom?

For 2019, a lot of property owners are starting to take a look at the use of natural colours. It’s something as simple as a wood-based theme that’s going to underline that natural theme you’re going for from top to bottom.

To take a step further, there are people that go ahead and make use of natural colours by using natural elements that match the suburb of the main residence. This is going to vary from place to place but it’s a trend that is certainly successful.

Textured Tiles

In the past, most bathrooms would have streamlined tiles that would go from one end to the other. They were flat and often lacked authority. However, 2019 is going to bring along with a new wave of bathroom trends with one of them being textured tiles.

These tiles are aimed to provide a 3D effect that is going to become noticeable as soon as a person walks into the bathroom. There is a sense of personality to these tiles, which may not have been possible in the past.

This is a major trend and one that is only going to strengthen over time.


This is being seen in all parts of home designing and is something you’re going to want to use to your advantage.

Instead of a bathroom that is cluttered with items and a combination of design elements, it’s almost smarter to focus on a minimalistic setup. This means going with regular shades (grey, black) and keeping things simplified.

Having too many layers that are cluttered will lead to an unsophisticated bathroom that doesn’t do a good job of what it’s supposed to. This can be frustrating and is something 2019 will not offer. Instead, minimalism is going to take off.

Black Tapware

Tapware is one of those details people don’t think about until they have to reach down to turn on the water.

The beauty of being able to accentuate the bathroom with black tapware is the simplicity of this change. It is not going to cost a lot and is going to add sparkle to the bathroom in seconds.

A lot of property owners are starting to appreciate this trend and realise the value it has to offer when it comes to electrifying this part of the property. Along with black tapware, many other bathroom elements are going down this route too!

Coloured Basins

The basin is one of those showpiece elements that will capture a person’s attention immediately.

There are many different options in this day and age, which ensures you’re able to play around with the colours & patterns as you want. In fact, many are now going with different shapes as well in comparison to the traditional setup that has been seen for generations.

I love the idea of mixing different colours and creating something that’s able to go with the rest of the bathroom. Of course, you’re able to fool around with the design that’s in front of you because it’s fully customisable.

Round Elements

Let’s move onto the shapes of your bathroom elements.

For example, the mirror is often rectangular in traditional bathrooms or squarish. This is not a good look since it doesn’t modernise the setup as much as you want. However, a simple change of the mirror is going to go a long way.

One of those changes would be going with a round look as it will pop out and accentuate the bathroom’s rounder elements. Most people walk into the bathroom and take a look at the mirror whether they actually use it or not. Therefore, you want to set the tone by maximising its roundness before adding other elements (i.e. round mats, round lighting fixtures).

Smart Tech

If there’s one thing that refuses to go away, it would be smart technology.
From smartphones to laptops, everything is incorporating the use of smart technology better than ever before. In the past, a lot of people were struggling with tech and it wasn’t working out for them as they wanted. However, it’s become a lot easier to make things happen with the help of smart tech and this is a unique trend for property owners. For example, many property owners are now looking to make use of smart shower heads that can adjust the temperature automatically.

These are the leading bathroom trends for 2019 and are an example of what is available to the average property owner. With so many rooms in the house, you want to make sure this is considered as a major renovation opportunity. Instead of focusing on traditional rooms that aren’t going to add value to the property, why not take a look at this option? Bathrooms can be spiced up and sometimes the changes are far simpler than one would expect. Keep things simple and look at these trends as the way forward!

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