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April 23, 2023

2024 Gutter Cleaning Prices For Homes

Do you have your gutter cleaned by a professional? This is a wise choice to avoid getting a leak. Find the average price here.

Clean gutter up to 6 meters high
Number of meters Average price
Clean 10 meter gutter Approximately $ 60
Cleaning a 30 meter gutter Approximately $ 125
Clean gutter between 6 to 7.5 meters
Number of meters Average price
Clean 10 meter gutter Approximately $ 95
Cleaning a 30 meter gutter Approximately $ 177.50
Clean the gutter higher than 7.5 meters
Number of meters Average price
Cleaning 10 meters of gutter (scaffold) $ 135 – $ 185
Cleaning 10 meters of gutter (aerial work platform) $ 125 to $ 225
Cleaning a 30 meter gutter (scaffold) $ 215 to $ 267
Cleaning a 30 meter gutter (aerial work platform) $ 205 to $ 305

The call-out costs have not been calculated in the overview above. Keep in mind that you also pay this to the professional. Do you want to know the exact price for cleaning your gutter? Then order a Gutter Cleaner

Gutter Cleaning Is An Important Job

Every house has gutters to drain the rainwater. If the rainwater cannot drain, you have a high chance of leaks. And no matter how important clean gutters are, they often don’t get the attention they deserve. Do you have your gutters cleaned by a professional? Then your gutters remain free of dirt. And you reduce the chance of a leak.

In a year, a lot of dirt can get into your gutter. Think of leaves, twigs, moss and dirt. If you do not have this dirt removed, your gutter can clog. The rainwater can then no longer be properly drained and remains on your roof. But it can also prevent the water from leaking through your roof. Then you have a leak that you have to deal with. You understand that this is much more expensive than the average price for having the gutter cleaned.

You can also choose to clean your gutter yourself. In many cases, this means climbing a ladder a few feet high. Especially if you do not do this every day, this is a dangerous job. Many people therefore choose to have their gutter cleaned by a professional.

The price for cleaning the gutter depends on a number of things. The professional will include the following in his price proposal:

  • Length of the gutter
  • Height
  • Accessibility
  • Call-out costs

Length of the gutter determines the price

The price for having your gutter cleaned is largely dependent on the length of the gutter. With an average terraced house you pay for about ten meters of gutter. It is not the case that you automatically pay more for a longer gutter. That is why it is wise to have the gutter cleaned with your neighbors. Especially if you share the drain pipe with each other.

For cleaning ten meters of gutter, you pay about $ 60. This is the amount only for your gutter. When you hire a professional together with your two neighbors, the price for cleaning a 30-meter gutter is $ 165. Then you only pay € 65 for your home. You can easily save around $ 35 at a time.

Height of the gutter

To determine the price, a professional takes along not only the length, but also the height of the gutter. When the gutter is a maximum of six meters above the ground, the professional can come alone. He only needs a ladder to clean the gutter.

Is the gutter between six and seven and a half meters above the ground? Then the craftsman cannot finish the job alone. He needs a second person to hold his ladder. This way he prevents unsafe situations. You will of course see it in the price that more professionals are working. On average you pay about 1.5 times more than when the professional comes alone.

Clean gutter scaffold or aerial work platform

Is the gutter more than 7.5 meters above the ground? Then the professional is obliged to use a scaffold or aerial platform for the job. In this case, in addition to the professional, you also pay the rent of the scaffold or aerial platform. Keep in mind that the professional also charges a higher price in these situations. It also takes an average of half an hour extra time to build the scaffolding.

  • Rental prices scaffolding and platform
  • Rental price jetty: Approximately $ 90
  • Rental of aerial work platform (per hour): $ 90 to $ 150

Accessibility of the gutter

Do you have a roof, conservatory or veranda behind your house? Then it is often a lot more difficult for the professional to clean the gutter behind your house. In many cases he cannot simply put a ladder against the wall and climb up. It is also often not possible to stand on the roof behind your house. Coverings are generally not strong enough to stand on.

You can imagine that a professional with such a job takes much longer. This is reflected in the price. In addition to the number of meters of gutter and the height, you also pay for the time that the craftsman has lost the job. The more difficult the professional can get to the gutter, the more you pay for the job.

Additional costs for mesh rolls or gutter covers

Some people choose to install mesh rolls or gutter covers in their gutter. The idea is that these materials ensure that no dirt gets into the gutter. And that the gutter always keeps draining the rainwater. This often does not work in practice. Leaves no longer enter the gutter, but sand, soil and seeds do.

Even if you have mesh rolls or gutter covers in your gutter, you must therefore continue to clean the gutter regularly. Are you having this done by a professional? Then it is good to know that the professional charges extra costs for this. He must disassemble the rollers or covers and reattach them after cleaning. This will cost him extra time for which you pay him.

Cleaning roof tiles

Do you have a gutter cleaned by a professional? Then you can also ask him to clean your roof tiles. Especially if there is a lot of moss on your roof tiles. Moss makes your roof tiles porous. This means that there are air bubbles in your roofing. When it freezes, the moisture in the moss expands. This creates cracks and cracks in the roof tiles. Ultimately, as a result, moisture can enter your house.

In addition to the functional reason for making your roof moss-free, it is also better for the view to ensure that your roof is moss-free. Especially when you consider selling your house. A house with a lot of moss on the roof just looks more careless and this radiates on your entire home. Incidentally, a lot of moss on your roof can also cause your roof insulation to be damaged. And this in turn ensures that you use more energy. You notice this directly from the higher energy costs.

As with cleaning your gutters, the price of cleaning your tiles depends on a few things:

  • Accessibility
  • Number of square meters of roof
  • Height
  • Impregnation / non-impregnation

Average price cleaning roof tiles

The price you pay for cleaning your roof mainly depends on how big your roof is. The shape of your roof also plays a role. On average, you pay around a thousand euros for a sloping roof of 100 square meters. A professional charges an average of between eight and twenty euros per square meter. The price depends on how easily it can reach the roof and how many meters your roof is above the ground.

Do you have a flat roof or do you want to have your shed roof cleaned, for example? Then you have to take into account about two euros per square meter when there is EPDM or bitumen on the roof. For the same amount, the professional also immediately cleans the gutters.

Do you have your roof cleaned by a professional? Then discuss the options for impregnating your roof with him. If you choose this, you will extend the life of your roof. The professional applies an invisible layer to your roof during impregnation. After this, your roof tiles are better protected against moisture and dirt. And so you reduce the chance of a leak.

Cleaning the roof per m2: 4 – 8 to € 60

Cleaning the roof 100 m2: Approximately $ 1,000

Roof impregnation per m2: Approximately $ 5

Cleaning flat roof per m2: $ 5

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