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May 11, 2023

Painting Kitchen Cupboards : How To

So the kitchen cabinets don’t look so nice anymore? Or are you moving and are you not taking a new kitchen, but do you want to give your kitchen a different color? Dyeing the kitchen cabinets is a practical solution to give your kitchen a little makeover. Choose a color that matches the walls and ceiling to create a beautiful whole. It is nice to paint the kitchen cabinets yourself if you have the time and desire. It is important that you know which steps to follow and what you need. That is why we have a practical guide with information on painting kitchen cabinets available to you here.

Start cleaning the kitchen cabinets

It takes a little time, but the doors are easier to clean and paint when you take them off the cabinets. Good adhesion of the paint is important when painting kitchen cabinets. Therefore it is necessary that you first start cleaning the surface. You do this by using water with a degreasing agent or a special paint cleaner. Then scrub firmly with a cloth to degrease the surface and get it clean. This already lays a good foundation for the end result.

Avoid splashes of paint with masking

You want the kitchen cabinets to be nicely painted, but not for the paint to end up in other places. That is why it is important to tape the floor, for example, when you paint kitchen cabinets. This also applies to the edges near the wall and the kitchen worktop. There is special masking tape for sale that is easy to use.

Step 1: apply primer

Open the can with the primer and use a stirring stick to stir the paint well. It is important to apply primer first, because this also provides good adhesion of the paint. It is best to paint first with a brush and then with a roller. If you have removed the doors, it is also possible to paint them directly with the roller.

Step 2: sand the edges and surface

After the primer is on, wait for the paint to dry. That takes about four to six hours. Then you start sanding the kitchen cabinets with P240 sandpaper. This means, as it were, that the surface is matted. Lightly sand the kitchen cabinets and then remove the fabric by cleaning the cabinets again.

Step 3: paint the kitchen cabinets in a color of your choice

Now you start painting the kitchen cabinets in color. You can choose from different types of paint. Do you like a matte look? Then you choose a matte paint. If you want a bit more shine in the kitchen, a satin finish is recommended. You can make your kitchen cabinets shine even more when you paint them with high gloss. Tip: opt for convenience by painting the kitchen cabinets with renovation paint, which is both primer and final paint in one.

Painting kitchen cabinets: what are the benefits?

It is a good idea because this way you can adjust the color of the kitchen cabinets to your own taste. Maybe your kitchen cabinets have a rural theme and you prefer a modern look. The change in color is also a good basis to adjust the style in your kitchen. There is also another good reason to paint your kitchen cabinets. Namely the budget. Suppose you don’t want to buy new kitchen cabinets, but you do want a new look. Painting your kitchen cabinets is considerably cheaper than buying new ones. Even if you want a new kitchen in a few years and now want to change the color, that is a good reason to paint the kitchen cabinets. Do you want to paint the entire kitchen right away? Then the colors of the walls, doors and ceiling can be perfectly matched. The small makeover suddenly becomes a big makeover with a completely new look.

Are all kitchen cabinets suitable for painting?

Most kitchen cabinets are made of wood, MDF or plastic. These are materials that are suitable for painting. The main thing to take into account is the adhesion to the surface. That is why you also use primer or a primer that is suitable for wood, MDF or plastic. All kitchen cabinets of these materials are suitable for painting in that respect. If you are unsure about the material, please inquire with the kitchen manufacturer.

What is important when painting your kitchen cabinets?

It cannot be said often enough, but degreasing is really one of the main concerns. You cook and bake in your kitchen and that, no matter how good your hood is, leads to grease deposits. If grease remains on the kitchen cabinets, you can be sure that the paint does not adhere well, so that you get a visible empty and ugly spot. Furthermore, you have the chance of paint drippers during painting. Try to avoid this by brushing the brush and roller well on the paint tray.

Spread the paint evenly in vertical and horizontal direction. This way you cover the entire surface of the kitchen cabinets with paint. Do you have embossed kitchen doors? Then extra attention is blown. You have the chance that too much paint will get into the deep parts.

Therefore, paint the deep parts carefully with little paint. Do you find it difficult to paint kitchen cabinets or do you not want to waste time on them? At Skilled Tradies you will find many skilled professionals in your region. These professionals have the knowledge and you can easily find a painter in your region.

Would you rather have the kitchen cabinets painted by a painter?

Hiring a painter to paint your kitchen cabinets will of course save you time. You just have to wait for the end result. A painter is of course experienced in paint jobs and that is why you can also rely on a good result. Still not sure what color you want? A professional painter has color samples available and can also give you advice if desired.

These are the average prices of paint kitchen cabinets

Do you make the choice to have the kitchen cabinets painted to a professional? Then it is nice to get an impression of the costs in advance. If you do involve a painter for the kitchen cabinets, it is also possible to have the walls and ceiling done immediately. Take a look at the table below for the average costs.

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