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August 14, 2023

What Does Garden Lighting Cost?

garden lighting

Need garden lighting?Find the average costs here

Do you want to place garden lighting in your garden? Uncover the average price and interesting tips for doing this job on Skilled Tradies.

Average cost of garden lighting

In the warm summer months you want to enjoy your garden as long as possible. Not only when the sun is out, but also in the evening. Don’t feel like sitting in the dark? Then choose garden lighting. Are you not necessarily an outdoor person? Even then garden lighting offers various advantages. This way you don’t look into a black hole in the winter and a lit garden helps to deter any burglars.

Most LED garden lighting works on 12 volts (low voltage). This means that installing garden lighting is relatively safe. You therefore do not need to hire an electrician. Do you opt for lighting that does not work on low voltage? Then you hire an electrician for the job. Do you want to know for sure that your garden is well lit? Then make a lighting plan in advance. A professional can help you with this. You can also ask the professional to install the lighting. Then you know for sure that the cables lie well in the ground and the lighting works well. To save costs, you can combine the installation of garden lighting with other activities in the garden.

What is the average price of garden lighting?

Kind of job Average price Unit
Gardener costs $ 45 to $ 70 per hour
Luxury lighting $ 1,000 to $ 3,000 per set
LED garden lighting $ 50 to $ 200 per set of three
Lighting with sensor $ 15 to $ 75 per Unit
Outdoor lighting with solar energy $ 10 to $ 125 per item

The table above gives you an idea of ​​how much it costs to purchase and install garden lighting.The total amount may be higher or lower depending on the size of your garden and specific wishes.

Price-determining factors

To know exactly what the installation of garden lighting costs, you request a customized price proposal from the professional. The craftsman bases his price proposal on the following components:

  • Type of garden lighting
  • Make lighting plan
  • Surface area of ​​your garden
  • Hourly rate professional

Lighting type in the garden

For lighting in the garden you have to reserve the most budget for the purchase of garden lighting. Here you have different choices. Which garden lighting you choose has to do with your taste, budget and the function of the garden lighting.

Electric garden lighting
Do you want to be sure that your garden gives the desired light at the moments you want? Then you can opt for electric LED garden lighting. The professional connects the lighting to your electricity grid. This form of lighting in the garden is the most reliable. Each type of lighting has its own price.

  • Luxury garden lighting If you want garden lighting with a day and night switch, choose the luxury version of garden lighting. The price of this is a lot higher than the other forms of electric garden lighting. An advantage of a day and night switch is that the garden lighting is only on at the times that you have set. You no longer need to pay attention to this yourself. Nowadays you also have garden lighting that you can connect to an app. This way you can turn the garden lighting on or off even when you are not at home.
  • Lighting with sensor
    Do you want garden lighting to make your house unattractive to burglars? Then choose garden lighting with a sensor. The outdoor lighting is only switched on when it detects movement. This form of lighting can also be useful when you come home late at night and do not want to search for a keyhole in the dark. Keep in mind that garden lighting on a sensor is not ideal for sitting in the garden in the evening. When you sit still for some time, the lights go out. So no optimum situation.
  • Spotlights, posts or wall lighting
    Depending on what you want to illuminate, you have different choices in lamps. Do you want to light a tree extra? Then it is best to opt for spots. Do you want the walkway to be visible? Then lighting in posts is a good choice. To illuminate a wall or fence, choose special wall lighting. Do you have a staircase or terrace where extra lighting is needed? Then you can integrate the spots in the floor. This gives a nice spatial effect.

Solar powered lighting
Would you rather not have cables in your garden? Then you can also opt for solar-powered garden lighting. Each individual lamp has a small solar panel to collect solar energy. When it starts to get dark, the lamp comes on. With this type of lamp you have less influence when the garden lighting is on. You can also purchase a system with cord lighting and a separate solar panel. In this case you have a cord in your garden.

The price of outdoor solar-powered lighting depends on the number of lamps and the quality of the lighting. You can buy a set for a few euros, but you can also spend a lot more than for the electric lighting.

Make lighting plan

If you want to properly illuminate your garden, you cannot simply install some lamps. You have to think carefully beforehand which parts of the garden need extra light. And whether you want to put specific places in your garden in the spotlight. Also think carefully about the position. Do you mainly want lighting to keep burglars out? Then you make other choices than when you want to be able to play a game in the garden in the evening.

To clearly know which lighting you need, it is advisable to make a lighting plan. You discuss with the professional where the lamps should go. The professional actually installs the lighting on the basis of this lighting plan. Incidentally, the lighting plan is often part of the redesign of your garden. Have you recently had your garden done and do you miss the lighting now? Then you can have the garden lighting installed later. The skilled person removes the necessary tiles and soil to place the wire in the soil. After installing the lighting, he delivers the garden neatly again.

Tip! When purchasing garden lighting, also take a good look at the atmosphere of your garden. By choosing colored light you create a totally different atmosphere than with white light. Surface area of ​​your garden

Exactly how much you pay in outdoor lighting depends partly on the garden area. You need fewer spots for a garden of a few square meters than for a large garden of more than 100 square meters. You will notice this immediately in the price. You can imagine that you usually spend less money on your front garden than on the back garden.

You do not only lose the difference in price for the purchase of the number of spots. You also pay more for the professional. The gardener also takes longer to install the garden lighting. He calculates this time in the total price.

Tip! Do you ask a professional to give a total price for this job? Then state well what you expect from him (only install or also make a lighting plan). Also clearly state how many square meters are involved and whether an electricity point is already present outside or whether it must extend the cable from the inside. For a customized price proposal you can invite the professional to your home so that he can make a good estimate of the job.

Hourly rate professional

A professional who installs the lighting generally charges an hourly rate. When you have 12-volt LED garden lighting installed, you can ask a gardener to install the lighting. In addition to installing the lighting, he can also perform garden maintenance immediately. As a rule, you will spend less per job than if the gardener has to visit several times.

If you have chosen lighting of 220 volts, you must invite an electrician for this. The gardener may not carry out this work. In terms of hourly rate, a gardener and electrician do not differ much from each other. The only drawback is that you cannot ask an electrician to maintain the garden. In this case you cannot combine the jobs.

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