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August 15, 2023

What Does It Cost To Hang A Door?

Are your interior doors in your home due for replacement? Or do you want a new front door, barn door or back door? In all cases you have to hang the door. This means that you place the door neatly in the frame so that you can open and close the door properly. Proper hanging of the door prevents your door from hanging crooked and holes and cracks being visible. Hanging a door is a job that you have to perform carefully. It can also be a time consuming task. Especially when you want to replace all interior doors.

Average door costs depend

Kind of job Depend on price per door
Inner door: hang a door $ 100 to $ 125
Two / three interior doors $ 75 to $ 100
Four interior doors hung $ 55 to $ 80
Hang front door $ 250 to $ 300
Hang back door, incl door $ 600 to $ 700
Hanging barn door, incl door $ 600 to $ 700
Insert three-point lock $ 150 to $ 175

The table above gives you an idea of ​​what the job ‘hanging the door’ costs. The price includes labor, material and call-out costs. You only pay costs for the purchase of a door.

Depending on the door: This determines the price

The price you pay for hanging the door depends on a number of factors. The total price is realized by the following parts of the job:

  • Number of doors hung
  • Type of doors
  • Hinges of door
  • Weight & height of doors ( some larger & heavier doors cost more to hang )

 Volume discount for several doors

Do you want to save on hanging the doors? Then it is often attractive to let the professional hang several doors at the same time. You pay less per door adjustment. For example, a discount of $25 per door applies to two to three doors. If you have more than four doors hung, a discount of $20 per door should be applied.

Price example hanging a door

There are eight doors in a three-storey terraced house. There are four bedrooms, two doors for the toilet and bathroom, a door from the hallway to the living room and a door for the stair cupboard. If you let all doors hang at a different time, you pay between $ 800 and $ 1,000. If you ask a professional to hang all doors on the same day, you pay between $ 440 and $ 640. A considerable price advantage.

Type of doors

You may not think about it every day, but you have several doors in and around your home. The type of door determines the difficulty of the job. And how much time the professional spends hanging the doors.

  1. Interior door. A internal door can be recognized by the edge of the door. The edge, as it were, falls on the frame. An advantage of a rebated door is that it allows less draft. The price for hanging this door is often the cheapest. There are already holes for the hinges in the door. The craftsman also does not have to scrape the inner door. The professional is therefore quickly finished with this job. He charges an amount between $ 25 and $ 40 for half an hour of work. This includes the call-out costs and the material.
  2. Hang the front door. Hanging a front door is a lot more expensive than installing an interior door. This is mainly due to the difficulty of the job. A front door is heavier than an interior door. The craftsman is longer involved in installing this door. In addition to hanging the door neatly, it also has to assemble the hinges and fittings. In many cases, a  three-point hinge system is also required. All these activities together provide a total price of between $ 200 and $ 375. Have you chosen a front door with a lot of glass? Then the craftsman sometimes places the door without the glass. After placement, he puts the glass in the door.
  3. Depending on the door: back door and / or shed door. Are you looking for a new back door or door for the shed? For the price of the job, it doesn’t matter if you need a back door or shed door. In many cases, the professional supplies the rear and shed door. Then he hangs the doors neatly. The price for hanging this door includes glass, fittings and mounting. Please note that the professional still charges the price for the lock separately. The total price for a back door with a lock amounts to between $250 and $ 475.

Tip! Are you going to hang the front door and do you need a new lock? Then check whether the lock meets burglar-resistant quality marks . A slot in the highest category will delay the burglar by five minutes.

Purchasing the door

The craftsman often supplies the back door and shed door himself. In all other cases you still have to buy the door yourself. This price is added to the total price of the job ‘hanging on the door’.

1. Type of interior door

In most homes you will find several interior doors. An interior door is basically functional. With a door you keep the heat in a certain room and prevent drafts. If you are only interested in the functional character, you can opt for a cheap hinged door. Do you prefer a sleek and modern look? Then the price quickly increases. At an average hardware store you will find interior doors from $40. The price can rise to around $400 per door.

What other factors influence the price of an interior door?

  • Material of the inner door: you can choose an inner door of board or an inner door of glass, steel or hardwood. You have to deal with a different price tag for each material.
  • Standard or custom: you can choose a door from the standard range of a store. But you can also choose a door with print or a different size. The price of a custom-made door is usually a lot more expensive than the standard variant.
  • Extra options: do you think it is important that the door in your home is extra fire retardant? Then you choose a door that has a fire retardant work for 30 or 60 minutes. These doors are usually a lot more expensive.

2. Kind of front door

You will often find a wide range of front doors online or in a store. It all depends on your taste and budget which door you choose. It is wise to choose a front door that matches the architecture of your home. Do you live in a new-build home? Then a modern door would probably suit the house better than a wooden rural front door. Count on a purchase price between $300 and $2,000 for a front door. Do you have very specific wishes for your front door? Then you can also choose to design a front door yourself. You can imagine that there is a hefty price tag here.

Hanging new door or other solutions?

When your doors really need to be replaced, depending on a new door is the only option. Yet there are also situations imaginable where you have other solutions than hanging a door. We have listed them below for you.

  • The door is stuck

Not as annoying as a door that is jammed. After all, you want to be able to easily walk through your home without having to pull the door open with brute force. Often this problem can be easily remedied by sanding the door slightly where it is stuck. In many cases you can just hang the door in the same hinges.

  • The door squeaks or creaks

A squeaky door has its charm in an old house, but you often want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Often a squeaky hinge is the culprit. You can fix this by cleaning the hinges and making them supple with some spray or oil.

  • Wooden door drags on the ground

Do you have a wooden door that drags on the ground in winter? Then it is smart to paint your door in good weather. This prevents too much moisture from entering the door, causing the door to expand and therefore dragging on the ground.

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