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July 21, 2023

What Does It Cost To Paint Stairs 2024

staircase project before & after

The costs for stair painting are sometimes underestimated. Stairs are quite difficult to paint well and are of course used intensively. Our painters explain which factors are important.

Staircase painting: What are the costs?

In the diagram below you will find the average costs for the stair painting :

 Staircase painting Low High
Painting the stairs $ 700 $ 1700

* These are average prices that our painters charge for  painting stairs. These prices may differ from the prices in the painter’s quotation.

The average costs for painting a staircase are between $700 and $1700 , including man-hours and material. However, the total costs differ per painting job and it’s therefore good to look into the various options and variables before you place a job. This way you avoid surprises.

The staircase is often the most expensive element in a larger painting assignment. It’s labor intensive and must be done carefully. A staircase often has a hard time.

How do you determine the costs for painting a staircase?

The costs charged by a painter depend on a number of factors. The size of the stairs, the condition of the stairs, the current stair covering and any special wishes play a role in determining the price.

Type of stairs

It goes without saying, but the more steps a staircase has, the longer a painter will be working on it. The type of stairs also has an influence on the price, because painting a closed staircase takes more time than, for example, painting an open staircase. The shape of the stairs can also influence the total price. Does the staircase have a difficult shape? For example, do the stairs have a curve? Then the painter will probably spend longer on it.

Condition of the stairs

The condition of the stairs largely determines the price. If your stairs are in bad shape, it’s often the case that a painter takes longer to get the stairs back to its original state. For example, he may have to use extra layers of paint or the stairs must first be thoroughly sanded before the paint can be applied. All things that cost extra time and therefore money.

Current stair covering

Suppose you want to paint your stairs , but you still have carpet on it? That can have a huge impact on the price. It sometimes happens that floor coverings are very amateurish and with many nails attached. It takes a lot of time to clear the stairs before the painter can start sanding. Moreover, there is a risk that the material under the floor covering may be of poor quality. Without removing the stair cover, this is difficult to assess.

We therefore always recommend that you remove the stair covering yourself before the painter starts. This way the painter can better estimate how much work it is going to be, and he doesn’t have to waste valuable time removing the stair coverings.

Extra options

Do you want a special kind of paint? Or do you want to have the stairs repaired in addition to having your stairs painted? Take into account a higher total amount of the job, because this is not included as standard in the price.

If you’re still unsure on how much to paint a staircase, search our database of professional local house painters and get the best prices today!

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