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June 25, 2023

Interior Painting Costs 2024 (revised)

interior painting costs

What are the normal costs for painting the internal walls of your house?

The general expenses for internal house painting include of walls / ceiling and paint .

If possible house painters generally quote walls and ceilings at a per square meter rate.

How much does house painting cost?
Average cost per room $450 – $650
Cost per hour $40 – $70
Cost per day $320 – $560
Average cost of interior house painting incl, ceiling $17 to $30 per m2
Average cost of interior 3-bedroom house painting $4000 – $7000


The condition of your walls and ceiling determine how many coats of paint will be needed:

Usually when considering the cost of painting the internal walls

  • 1 layer paint application usually applies to walls that’d already been painted and only need to be repeated using the same color.
  • New gyprock walls or bare concrete require 2 layers plus a base coat.
  • Making dark walls lighter requires 3 layers & sometimes even more depending on the quality of paint you use.

The final price depends on the condition of the wood around the windows etc. Doors, frames and stairs that are poorly maintained are more expensive to paint than well-maintained objects.

A price per hour can also be charged for special woodwork or special objects. This price is between $40 – $70 per hour. Painters also often charge material costs. This is certainly the case if professional, high-quality paint is needed.

* These are average prices that painting companies charge for painting jobs. These prices may differ from the prices in a painter’s quotation.

How exactly do you determine the costs for an interior painter?

Please note: More complex painting jobs are difficult to provide with an accurate price from a distance. It’s wise to have a painter come to the job site and map the job out together. This way you’ll receive better quotes without extra variations to the contract when the job’s completed.

The final costs for interior painting work depend on the size of the job. The larger the painting job, the lower the m² price. In addition, the surface on which the painter must paint also influences the price. A wall or ceiling that requires more preparation is more expensive to paint than a tightly plastered wall.

The faster a painter can complete the assignment, the lower the price of the painting. Most painters can paint 10 to 15 square meters in one hour.

The speed of painting, incidentally, depends on various factors from material to substrate and from space to color. For example, does a painter have to paint hard-to-reach parts? Do they have to paint a surface that absorbs the paint, so that it does not need one but two coats of paint? Should a more expensive type of paint be used because it has a better result? Is it about precision work that is required? Then the costs generally increase.

The ceiling

Just like painting a wall, painting a ceiling is a relatively inexpensive job. However, a surcharge is often charged for painting ceilings. With such an job, a painter has to paint above his head and so the work becomes more labor-intensive.

The window frames

Painting Woindow Frames

If you have window frames painted really well, they’ll last longer. That saves you costs in the long run. It’s a precise job and therefore the costs for painting window frames are higher than for example painting walls. But it’s certainly worth it to have your frames painted by a professional painter once every seven years. This considerably reduces the chance of a costly replacement. Luckily most modern Aussie homes are built with aluminum window frames.

The doors

Doors quickly suffer damage. They bump into something, the wood works in relation to the hinges and sometimes a jacket, key or bag is also scratched. Painting a door is therefore a precise project where the costs are often slightly higher. The exact costs usually depend on the type of paint that is used and the number of times the door needs to be painted.

The stairs

Painting a staircase is not easy. A staircase consists of several separate elements the steps, climbing walls, risers and sometimes also the handrails.

A good painter carefully sands the stairs, primes the stairs and then takes care of the finishing.

Stairs are often painted in two parts and the painter paints the steps alternately, so that the stairs can continue to be used. Because much professional paint is water-based and dries faster, this is less and less necessary.

On average, the costs for interior paintwork increase if you have more paintwork for doors, frames and especially stairs.

Have an interior painter carry out a job via Skilled Tradies?

Indoor painting is often done by people themselves. No time to do it yourself or a desire for higher quality are the reasons for hiring a painter. The costs for interior paintwork can of course form a blockade, but professionally executed paintwork lasts a lot longer.


Via Skilled Tradies you can quickly and easily compare the profiles and reviews of professionals. You get a good picture of the work that the professionals do, and you can make a well-considered choice for your interior painter.

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